5 reasons not to go travel, debunked

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5 reasons why not to go traveling

Doubting whether to go traveling for a longer period or not? We have debunked the most common excuses not to.

  1. Financial excuse – I have to pay my rent and other fixed obligations, I need to save money to buy a house
  2. Career excuse – I am close to a promotion, I am on a roll in my career
  3. Social pressure excuse – I have a family now and responsibilities
  4. Inner feelings excuse – I am scared
  5. General excuse – Now is just not a good time

The Financial excuse

Why would you ‘have’ to do that? Ok, there are some burdens you need to comply with such as (medical) insurance etc. However, why not save some money, rent your house out for a certain period or give up rent all together and go travel relatively affordable countries. South East Asia is a good example. There are also lots of travelers making money during their travels by working somewhere for a period of time or via internet with their own YouTube channel. Anything is possible. It is advised to have at least 1 month spending money and sufficient backup for your plane fight home. Go do the adventure, you never know what opportunities will cross your path. Alternatively, you can arrange a job in your travel area while still at home, so┬áthat you will have more certainty. This of course depends on what kind of person you are.

The Career excuse

For these kinds of scenarios, the ‘old man in a rocking chair on the porch- example’ applies. Think about the scenario where it is an old you, sitting in this rocking chair. What kind of memories would you like to look back on? Memories of you being adventurous, experiencing new things, meeting new people and really enjoying life, or working hard, making long days to advance your career a little bit more quickly. Yes, this is a little black and white, but it is the bottom line. Your career will be waiting for you when you get back, as a new and improved you. Work hard, play hard. The most common regret that people have is that they didn’t enjoy life to the fullest when they had the chance.

The Social pressure excuse

Yes, you may have a family life now. That doesn’t mean that your life needs to stop being adventurous. There are lots of families traveling with their children. Some families home school their kids while meanwhile the kids get to learn from the real world too. Such a great gift to give to your children. However, traveling may require some more planning and saving. Especially, if you plan on going long term, you should think about a plan for when you get back, at least for the first period to get back into the life routine, i.e. get a job and find a new place to life. For short(er) term travels, you will find that you are certainly not the only family traveling the globe with (young) children. Seeing the world together as a family is one of the greatest memory makers of a lifetime, you will hold it dear. Step away from what is expected of you and live your dreams, together.

The Inner feelings excuse

If you are scared to travel, the best way to overcome your fear is to go travel. You will certainly come back stronger and more independent. In this case it is advised to go to ‘typical’ backpack counties like Thailand. In such countries, there are a lot of places to meet people to spent time with. As you go on, you will realize that you can manage things on your own. You will be fine, really.

The General excuse

Stop and think for a while. When is a good time to go? There is always something going on in everyone’s lives as, as you grow older, circumstances change, priorities change and each stage has another goal to work to. If you take a break from your life and go travel, you will find that the same possibilities are still there waiting for you, but perhaps your priorities have changed about what you want in life.

In conclusion

Travel is one of the few things you buy that makes you immediately richer. As you have read this article, you are already one step closer to the world. Check the destination page here to figure out which area would interest you the most! Alternatively, if you are still doubting, read about the 10 reasons why you should go travel, right here.

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