7 Great things to do in Bagan, Myanmar

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The 7 best things to do while visiting Bagan, Myanmar!

The city of Bagan; the architectural gem of mid-Myanmar. There is so much to do and see in Bagan, that it makes sense to summarize our top 7 things to do in Bagan! As Myanmar is still relatively undiscovered, you will find yourself often among the locals, and can still experience the Burmese culture. We have not ranked the activities 1 to 7, as all activities have their own charm.

1. Temple and pagoda sightseeing on an E-Bike

Rent an E-Bike and go see a few of the over 400 Bagan temples and pagoda. You will have an amazing time. We paid 8,000 Kyat per day per scooter.

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2. Watch the sunset on top of a pagoda

So, you have spent the day viewing Bagan temples and pagoda, and looking for one to see the sunset on? Dhamma-Yan-gyi Pahto is the most famous one to do so. Consequently, you will not be enjoying the sunset on your own.

Secret tip: drive a little bit further along Dhamma-Yan-gyi Phato to the North Guni and South Guni pagoda’s. You can enjoy the sunset alone on these pagoda’s and see the other people sitting on the “Dhamma”, cramped up and crowded.

Picture: the “Dhamma” pagoda, an hour before sunset

3. Fly a hot air balloon over Bagan

A once in a lifetime experience. Fly in a hot air balloon over the amazing Bagan temples and pagoda. This is a ride you will not forget. Yes, it is expensive, but yes, it is worth every penny!

Picture: Balloons over Bagan

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4. Witness the early morning monk food offering ritual

The food offering ritual starts daily at 06:00 AM. Monks receive their food for the rest of the day from local Buddhist devotees.

Picture: Little monks food offering ritual Picture: Little monks leaving with their food for the day 

The place/ street of the food offering ritual differs each day. You will have to ask around where the food offering will take place the next morning if you would like to witness the monks receiving their food for the day.

5. Wear traditional Burmese clothing or join a Burmese parade

The traditional skirts for man and woman, are easy to wear and airy. Ideal for a Burmese climate. Furthermore, the locals like it very much if you cloth yourself respectfully in Burmese traditional clothing. You can buy the ‘skirts’ in almost all of the clothing shops in Bagan.

Picture: Burmese local festival Parade

6. Visit the Golden Palace (area)

The Golden Palace. It costs 5,000 Kyat to get in (for foreigners). The palace is very nice to visit and is a very quiet place.

7. Visit Mount Popa

Mount Popa is situated on an hour drive from Bagan. Mountain Popa is a volcano of 1518 meters above Sea level. On top of the volcano a Buddhist monastery is built. You have to climb a lot of stairs, 777 steps exactly, to get to the top. You will be accompanied by local monkeys, who will be happy to take any food you have, off of your hands. The view on top is not breathtaking, but okay. If you have the time, it is a very nice (half-) day trip to go on.

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