Bali Swings! Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Swing!

“Welcome to Bali Swing!” we hear from a bunch of smiling Balinese crew members when descending down the stairs to the Bali Swings venue. A very nice welcome for everyone! Well, actually not everyone: many people turn back after hearing the prices at the front desk. Too bad. Bali Swing has 4 different swings, two cute birds nests and a standing-on-top-of-a-rock rock. All the activities are bundled in a package deal, plus free drinks and a lunch for USD 35. Yeah, it is pretty expensive. However, if you choose not to go for lunch at the premises, you can typically enter without lunch for USD 30. A common thought: “But this is way to expensive for just swinging a couple of times and shooting some Travel-Log/ Instagram worthy pictures!”. We were planning not to stay longer than 20 minutes. The 20 minutes turned out to be two hours. It was a blast! Seriously.

Picture: Bali Swing  Picture: Bali Swing 

We have to mention that when we were looking at the internet pictures from the Bali Swings, we had a totally different (idyllic) picture of the Swing(s) build up in our minds. For example, we thought there was just 1 swing, maybe maintained by a local restaurant, surrounded by a valley and the green jungle. Little did we know that the venue was this commercial. The Swing set up provides for 1 beginner/children’s swing, 2 intermediate swings and 1 pro swing. The pro swing is pretty exiting, especially the first swing. Perhaps from the side lines it doesn’t look that scary, but when you are actually standing there getting ready, you will feel it!

Picture: Bali Swing venue Picture: Bali Swing venue

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Love nests
The first love nest is your typical birds nest. It has enough room for several people to sit in. You can make lovely pictures against the green valley background. The second love nest is located in a tree. You can take the ladder up and a crew member will take the ladder away and shoot some lovely pictures if you ask them.

Picture: Bird nest 1 Picture: Bird nest 2

On all the activities, you are tied up with a rope around the waist. The chance of falling is therefore pretty low. On the pro-swing, you are even required to wear an actual safety harness. Not a very cute sight for your pictures, but for the guys who just really want to experience a thrill, this is a great manner. FullStop. At the entrance, you do need to sign a waiver letter.

Picture: Crewmember helps and swings you Picture: Safety lines on the Bali Swings  

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Tips & Tricks
Making a picture: Many visitors like to make amazing pictures while swinging. As a tip; ask the crew-member to make the pictures or watch their position while they make their pictures. They often know the best spots to get the best perspective.

You can find Bali Swings in Ubud. Address: BALI SWING Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352 Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kapubaten Bandung, Bali (Banjar Tegal Kuning)

Opening times: Daily 09:00 – 17:00

We found that a reservation was not nessesary, but if you like to make sure, you can via their website.

Picture: Bali Swing stone view Picture: Bali Swing free drink site

Official Bali Swing website:

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