Balloons over Bagan, Myanmar

Flying in a balloon over Bagan.

A must if you are to visit THE archaeological area of Bagan, Myanmar. Yes, it is expensive, but it is worth every penny. So if you can afford it, do it. It is an amazing experience you will not forget or regret.

Balloon over Bagan price

The price of a balloon trip over Bagan varies from USD 330 to 400.


Many people are wondering about the safety measures when flying a balloon in a country as Myanmar. In our experience, the safety standards are quite high. Moreover, our flying crew mentioned that the company we were flying with (Balloons over Bagan) is one of the safest companies in the world. The captains of the balloons are mainly experienced Australians, assisted by a Burmese crew.

An overview of the trip

At 5:00 AM you will get picked up from your hotel with a mini-van and you will be driven to the departure site on an open field in Old Bagan. All balloons depart from the same site.

Upon arrival at the departure site, you will be directed to an area where you can get coffee or tea and can sit down on one of the chairs set up in a circle. When the group is complete, one of the captains will divide all passengers amongst the available balloons and you can follow your captain to your balloon.

When you get to your balloon, your captain will give you a safety briefing and instructions on your place in the balloon and how to get in. After that, the inflation of the balloon will start. First, the crew will blow in cold air to fill up the balloon, after which, the air will be warmed up with the blower.

When the balloon is up and ready to go, your captain will ask you to climb in the basket on the side of the basket area appointed to you. For the departure, you will be asked to sit down on the bench in the basket, but shortly after actual lift off, you can stand up. This is a moment of true amazement. What a view!

The balloon flight is pretty silent as you are floating with the wind. The only thing you will hear every now and then is the heat blower, creating lift. The captain tells you where to look and what you are looking at. Truly breath taking.

The balloon over Bagan flight will be approximately 45 minutes. Which seems over in the blink of an eye. The landing is pretty organized too. You will have to sit down again until touchdown.

After touchdown, the crew will do their thing, deflating the balloon and wrapping everything up. Meanwhile, you can climb out of the basket and have something to eat and drink. End the amazing experience with a glass of champagne.

Useful balloon over Bagan Tips:

  • Do not wear a long tight skirt as it will be difficult to climb in and out of the balloon basket (a certain someone in our group ripped her skirt climbing out of the basket, creating an awkward moment for her and the Burmese crew helping her, just saying..)
  • Do bring a long sleeve sweater, as it can be quite cold in the morning in the open field (once in the basket, a T-shirt is fine as the blower provides warmth, and by then, the sun is up).
  • The captain will be making go pro pictures during the flight. At the end, you can purchase the link to these pictures. If you want the pictures, you will have to pay on the spot. We payed USD 20. So bring some cash.

Watch the movie balloons over Bagan here:

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