Be amazed at El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

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The pearl of Palawan: el Nido

El Nido, one of our worlds nature wonders. Palawan is a Philippine province (and an island), located 260 Miles/420 kilometers South West of Manila (the capitol of the Philippines). The capital of Palawan is Puerta Princesa, which is located in the middle of Palawan. el Nido is a municipality in the far north of the Palawan island and is qualified as a protected area due to the amazing nature and animals.

Specifically, el Nido is known for its:

  • spectacular limestone cliffs;
  • pearly white beaches; and
  • natural caves.

Picture: Passway between el Nido limestone cliffs

Do go on a sailing trip

In el Nido, the locals offering sailing tours mostly own wooden catamaran’s. They are pretty nice to spend the day on. Typically, when strolling along the beachfront, you can ask one of the sailors whether they can take you around. They will take you to all nice places and, if included (recommended) make a nice lunch on a deserted beach.

Picture: Dog crossing low tide from one island to another

Picture: sailing through el Nido islands

How to get there

From Manila, it is most easy to take a (propeller and small) plane to Puerto Princesa airport. From the Puerto Princesa airport it takes approximately 4 hours by mini-van to arrive at the small village of el Nido. The journey will definitely take a whole day.

You can arrange a mini-van upon arrival at Puerto Princesa, or book in advance. There are usually a lot of taxi drivers waiting at the airport for tourists traveling to el Nido.

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