Boracay, the Philippines

Make your way to Boracay, the Philippines

Boracay, a true paradise. Looking for white sand beaches, turquoise water, sun and an active night-life? Then Boracay is the place to be. Boracay is a small island locaties 196 Miles/315 kilometer from Manila (the Philippines capitol).

Bulabog beach 

Boracay has several perfect beaches suitable for different kinds of activities. The Eastern side of the island is the most windy side, causing much more waves in the sea, while the Western side of the island typically has smooth waters. Bulabog beach is located on the Eastern side of Boracay, making it a perfect place to do some active watersports like:

  • cliff diving at Ariel’s Point;
  • kite boarding;
  • parasailing; and
  • windsurfing.

At Ariel’s Point, you can cliff dive from 5 different platforms each with a different height. The highest platform is 15 meters, depending on the tide. At Bulabog beach, you can arrange your daytrip for any of the activities easily.

Boracay white beach

White beach is located on the Western side of Boracay. This is the most famous and biggest beach on the island and this is where you will find the smooth waters and dreamy tropical sights.

Picture: Boracay white beach

If you like to do something else than relaxing on the beach, you can go on several day trips, like for instance go sailing, diving or snorkeling. There are several great reefs and beautiful under water spots around the island. There are also sailing tours taking you to nice small surrounding islands like Chrystal Cove Island. Nice things to do on Chrystal Cove Island: there are several small caves and you can walk around the small island.

Furthermore, for the nightlife, white beach is the place to be too. There is a very nice (and very touristic) promenade alongside the beach with many restaurants and bars. In the evening, the area becomes alive!

Willy’s rock

A landmark on white beach. Willy’s rock is a Vulcanic rock formation on white beach. An odd view as there is only one group of rocks sticking out of a clear white beach. Willy’s rock is situated some meters off the shore in shallow water. There are even some trees growing from it. A stairs has been carved out of the rocks for visitors to climb on. On the top, there is a Virgin Mary statue.

Practical tips

  • The best time to visit Boracay is between the months September to June, as during that time, the winds will blow from the East, whereby white beach is sheltered from these winds by the hills.
  • Borocay white beach has been divided into 3 area’s: Station 1, 2 and 3. Station 3 is the most quiet area, with the most expensive hotels. Station 2 is the most busy area with medium priced hotels. Station 1 is where the more cheap hotels are located. Depending on what you prefer, take this into account when booking your hotel. (Previously, all three areas had piers where the boats docked, that is why the areas are referred to as stations 1, 2 and 3. Nowadays these piers are no longer in use and the boats all dock at the Borocay South pier)

How to get there

By plane, boat and Tuk Tuk. Most easy way from Manila is to fly to Caticlan airport. Upon arrival you can catch a ferry to station 1, Boracay island (buy ticket at the spot at the ferry area) and from there, take a tuk tuk to your hotel.

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