The artistic sights of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina and also the city of the Tango! But that is certainly not the only thing the city has to offer. The city has an huge artistic side. If you are planning to visit Argentina, please make sure that you reserve some days to explore Buenos Aires.

In this blog we would like to share our favorite sightseeing activities with you.

Buenos Aires Vintage tour

Picture: Citroen 3 CV Limousine  Picture: La Boca

If you are spending one or more days and you are looking for a unique way to go around we highly recommend you the Buenos Aires Vintage tour. The tour guide will pick you up in a Citroen 3 CV convertible, a real old timer. We were with the four of us and got picked up in a Citroen limousine, it was a fantastic experience. The tour will show you the different sides and also the highlights of the city, like: May Plaza, Palacio Barolo, National Congress, San Telmo, La Boca, Madero Port and Palermo parks.

Duration of the tour: 2,5 hours, but it all depends on the traffic, which can be very hectic during the day. It is advised to make a reservation in advance, as they only have 4 vehicles available of which only one has a seating capacity for 4 persons.

Picture: La Boca street art  Picture: La Boca

Buenos Aires Street Art

Another trip you should have done before you leave is the Buenos Aires Street Art Tour.

Picture: Biggest mural by  Alfredo Segatori Picture: 3-D turtle by Martin Ron

Did you know that the city is filled with amazing street art? Local artists and street artists from around the world have left their mural signature behind on the houses and walls of the city.

In specific we recommend you the Biggest Murals tour. The tour will show you the biggest mural in Argentina and the popular 3-D turtle, absolutely two of our favorites. We recommend you to book your tour through BA Street art. We were overwhelmed by the knowledge, enthusiasm and the passion of our guide. Besides giving tours, they also actively support the local community and its artists, great work!

​​The Biggest Mural is only available on Wednesdays, duration is 3 hours and costs 30 USD at the time we booked the tour. On other days they offer regular walking tours for 20 USD. Or you could arrange a private tour.

Picture: Cycling horse by ARYZ Picture: Street Art in San Telmo

Fuerza Bruta theatre 

In one word this show is spectacular and it is a must see! The show is a combination of dance, music, theater and audience interaction. Unfortunately we cannot give you too much details, as that would ruin the overall experience. But believe us if you can find some time to squeeze it in your planning, DO IT!

To buy tickets, go during the day to ticket box in front of theater. The tickets will be cheaper over here than when you buy them at a travel agency. But we recommend you to check always the opening hours online before going, they are subject to regular changes. You could combine the ticket collection with a visit to the grave of Evita Peron on the Recoleta Cemetery, as this is just around the corner.

Sunday market in San Telmo

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. If you like arts and antiques you should visit this district. Especially on Sunday when the streets and square are filled with market stalls and street performers. The Sunday Market is open from 10 am until 4 pm.

On the central square you can enjoy all day long live Tango performances.

Picture: Tango at San Telmo Sunday Market 

Buenos Aires biking tours

If you are looking for a more active way to see the city, you could consider to book a biking tour. Buenos Aires is very suitable to bike around, as the city is flat and they have many biking lanes.

Practical information

Please be aware that there is a big difference between the rich and the poor in Buenos Aires. There are many areas where it unsafe to wander the streets alone or in small groups, this is not only during the night time. Better be prepared! Don’t carry to much valuable items and leave your jewelry in your hotel. It often happens that they have observed you taking picture at the touristic areas and that they wait for you in the streets behind. So keep your eyes open, for people that follow you around.

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