Catamaran Sailing – South Myanmar – 2/3

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Second out of the three blogs about 1 week catamaran sailing experience on the Burmese ocean, continuing from night 3.

Night 3 – “Koh Po” onto fisherman’s village

We anchored for the night at Koh Po. A lovely island with an amazing sunset. In the morning, after a refreshing swim, we sailed to a spot called: “Tar Yar” for some snorkeling. The visibility was not perfect, but still there were some beautiful fish spotted, among which, several “Nemo’s” (clownfish).

Picture: Nemo (clownfish) Picture: Nemo (clownfish)

We had a wonderful lunch on the boat and set sail to a tiny Fisherman’s village called: “Wa Ale Kyun”. If you don’t know where it is, you will not easily find it. You have to sail very close up to an island, and then, all of a sudden, an opening appears. We sailed through and got to a quiet little water, surrounded by islands, where the fishermen and their family live.

Picture: Fisherman’s village Wa Ale Kyun Picture: Fisherman’s village Wa Ale Kyun

It is said that a Burmese man, responsible for dividing government funds to the island villages, run off with the money, leaving the people with nothing for the year.

Picture: Fisherman’s village Wa Ale Kyun Picture: Fisherman’s village Wa Ale Kyun

These people have nothing, and yet they are so friendly. Sharing is a major value in their community. When we arrived at their village for a visit, we were welcomed by a group of children. They wanted to hold our hands and the brave ones tried to teach us their names (very difficult ones!) We gave them something to eat and pens for their school work and they were happy with these small gifts. However, still heart breaking to see that they really don’t have anything.

Night 4 – “Wa ale kyun” onto “Shark Island

We spent the night in front of the fisherman’s village. After a morning swim and having breakfast we set course to shark island. Shark island has one of the most beautiful beaches of the southern islands. As there is not much tourism yet, we had the beach all to ourselves.

Picture: Shark island Picture: Shark island

For lunch, we made a bonfire and BBQ on the beach. The caption caught the fish with his spear himself in front of the coastline. The fish could not have been more fresh than this.

Picture: BBQ on shark beach Picture: 40cm big red jelly 

The local Burmese people eat the not poisonous jellyfish. Apparently, they taste very good fried. Its name? Rhopilema esculentum.

In the evening, we took some time to take everything in and talked about the differences in the world. How strange is it that we come in at a beautiful catamaran, while these Myanmar fisherman families are struggling to get food on the table and have clean drinking water.

See for yourself!

A Travel log about an awesome catamaran sailing experience in Myanmar

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