Catamaran Sailing – South Myanmar – 3/3

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You are now about to read the last blog out of the three blogs about a 1 week catamaran sailing experience on the Burmese ocean, continuing from night 5.

Night 5 – Nyua wee

Due to rough weather in the evening, we have spent the fifth night at the same spot as the second, in the Nyua Wee area.

Picture: Silence before the storm Picture: Clownfish in their anemone

In the morning, our captain spotted a group of turtles, amazing. However, unfortunately, we did not see them as they were gone by the time we were looking! Nearby, we anchored to go for a snorkel. This was the best snorkeling spot of the week! A lot of clownfish and great coral reefs.

Sailing off to the 115 island group. The biggest island is called: “115” because it is 115 meters high. Things can be that simple.

Picture: 115 Island Picture: 115 Island

The 115 island in Myanmar is a true gem. White sandy beaches with turquoise water and a calm shore-line. The group did a bush-walk through the island, which was about 10 minutes’ walk on a narrow island pathway. The island is not completely uninhabited as snakes and spiders etc. live a happy life there. A good idea to wear shoes for the bush walk! On the other end a great beach was found again, where the sand is so loose that you can sink into it until your knees.

Night 6 – 115 Islands

We spent the last night looking out on 115 island. And again, nature had a pretty special sunset in store for us!

Picture: Sunset on the Burmese sea Picture: 115 Island

The next morning, as early as 6 am, we set course to Kawthaung. The Myanmar harbor village where our trip would come to an end. Along the way we spotted a few dolphins, cruising past our boat for a while and then disappearing in the great blue.

Picture: Kawthaung village Picture: Kawthaung pier

Dreading the fact that the week was over, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. All that is left are fantastic memories and the pictures to prove it.

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A Travel log about our Myanmar catamaran sailing experience

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