Christmas in Vienna, Austria; Schönbrunn Palace

Christmas in Vienna! (Schönbrunn; the castle of Sissi)

You can find the Schönbrunn palace 6 kilometers from the city center of Vienna in the Hietzing neighbourhood. The Schönbrunn premises, castle and garden, is about 167 acres big. The Schönbrunn palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. Especially since Franz Joseph and his wife Elizabeth (also known as: “Sissi”) have lived there. In those days, about 1,000 people lived there! The Palace has 1441 rooms and halls, of which 40 where used by Franz and Sissi. In 1996, Schönbrunn and its gardens were added to the UNESCO world heritage list.

Picture: Schönbrunn palace  Picture: Schönbrunn palace 

“Schönbrunn” means “Beautiful well” in Deutsch. Legend goes that in 1569, while on a hunting trip on the premisses, emperor Matthias, son of emperor Maximilian II,  discovered a beautifull well and named the palace after this well.

The Schönbrunn Palace 

The Schönbrunn palace is built in “Rococo” style. The central palace building is about 175 meters wide and is symmetrically set up. All palace buildings are painted with a typical luxurious looking yellow color pattern. Many Austrian buildings have since used the same color pattern.

Picture: Schönbrunn palace interior Picture: Schönbrunn palace interior 

The inside of the palace is beautifully decorated with lots of gold, artistic ceiling drawing and a velvety red carpet, which gives the whole interior a royal vibe. The interior has been very luxuriously decorated.

Picture: Schönbrunn interior Picture: Schönbrunn interior

Notice all the attention to details when you walk around the palace.

Schönbrunn gardens

The Schönbrunn gardens are very impressive. The baroque garden at Schönbrunn was even created as a demonstration of power and ‘to outshine Versailles’. I guess that worked out fine. The gardens are huge and well maintained. Take some time to wander around the gardens after you have visited the Schönbrunn palace.

Schönbrunn Christmas market

Every year a small Christmas market is set up in front of the castle of the famous Austrian princess Sissi. The centerpiece of this Christmas market is a nicely decorated Christmas tree. It is cold, but there are hot drink stands to warm you up! Of course you can also buy typical Austrian Christmas food like pancake wraps. Besides food and drinks, there are all kinds of Christmas items for sale. From tree decorations to fashionable hats.

Good to know:

  • Entrance ticket price: EUR 17,50 for a tour of approximately 1 hour;
  • Opening times: 8:00 – 17:00;
  • Make a reservation online, so that the castle tour will not be sold out when you arrive, just to be sure! Interested? Click here to buy your ticket at Schonbrunn.
  • At the entrance, you will receive audio tour equipment. Every story relates to certain places you will pass when walking through the castle. Always nice to know what you are actually looking at!

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