City trip Pattaya, Thailand

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City trip Pattaya, Thailand

To be honest, the city is not one of  the Thai treasures. You will encounter high amounts of Western European men, spending time with young Thai woman. So unless you are looking for female company, the city may not be worthwhile to visit.

Should you wind up in the city anyway, there are some good fun things to do.


Take a walk on the Pattaya boulevard. The beach and boulevard are pretty long and there are a lot of shops and restaurants open until late in the night. Pattaya is a real party city.

Picture: Pattaya boulevard  Picture: Pattaya beach

On the beach, tourists can do ‘the usual’ beach activities: banana rides, water scooters, parasailing or just relaxing on the sand.

Snorkeling and diving trips

Pattaya is a vibrant city, located directly at the Thai gulf. The Pattaya waters are clean and clear and there is sufficient sea life to be discovered.

Picture: Pattaya harbor Picture: Pattaya snorkeling trip

We did a day- snorkeling trip which was pretty great. Departing early morning from the Pattaya harbor and heading back around sunset. Our captain knew exactly the good spots for snorkeling.

The temple of truth (Prasat Sut Ja Tum)

This temple is pretty amazing as it is manufactured wholly out of wood! The entrance fee is quite high though, as you need to pay 500 Baht to go in.

Big Buddha

A big golden Buddha statue. Nice to go see if you want to wander around and you are in the neighborhood.

Botanical Gardens

This is actually a pretty nice site to visit. They also have a traditional Thai show. The entree fee, again, is pretty high: 700 Baht per person.

Elephant Village Pattaya

We just have one thing to say about this village: don’t go. Riding an elephant is never good for the animals, even though the people working there may say that the animals are treated well.

How to get there

From Bangkok, you can take a taxi to Pattaya. The drive takes about 1,5 hours. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, take the bus. You can buy tickets at the small tourist shops at Khao San Road.

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