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A citytrip in Barcelona!

If you like visiting big cities, but you also like beach holidays, why not visit Barcelona, Spain. This city has it all; city life, beach, architecture, parcs, harbor, markets and so much more! A nice extra is that, compared to more Northern European countries, the temperatures are higher on an average. The following places are, amongst many others, worth a visit in Barcelona:

La Rambla

La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona and is approximately 1200 meters long. You can find many markets stalls and street artists on La Rambla. Furthermore, no cars are allowed on this street (but there are roads along side La Rambla. Best way to take a look is to just walk around for a bit and see what the market stalls have to offer. The locals often call the street “Las Ramblas” as the street is divided in 5 different sections.

The local market

There are many local markets in big warehouses. We visited one on one of the crossing streets of La Rambla.

Picture: local market 

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada familia is the most famous Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. Although there is continuous preservation work going on, Sagrada Family is open for the public to visit. Individual tickets cost approximately EUR 29, however, there are group discounts. Sagrada Familia is located at a nice square, surrounded by little shops and a small parc. When admiring the architecture from the outside, it is quite a lot to take in. The inside is very amazing as well. No spoiler this time, just go and have a look, it is worth it. Note that it is very crowded with tourists every day. Consequently, it is advised to purchase your ticket online and avoid the long long waiting lines.

Picture: Sagrada Familia

Barcelona boulevard

At nighttime, the streets of city center Barcelona including the boulevards becomes alive. Given the temperature, most people prefer to be outside. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars with an outdoor terras where you can have a bite to eat (Try Spanish tapa’s), or just have a drink with family or friends.

Picture: Nighttime salsa dancing on the boulevard 

Barcelona harbor

Yup, Barcelona also has a harbor, stemming from the old days. Nowadays there are many pleasure yachts docked. From this harbor you can go on sailing trips, although it is not cheap.. For more information on Barcelona coast sailing trips, click here.

Picture: Barcelona harbor

Barcelona parc Guell

A parc listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Designed by Gaudi. Nowadays a great parc to spend the day in. Come early as you need to buy tickets. The parc is located on top of a hill, so the vieuw is amazing. The landscaping and buildings are impressive. You will need 3 hours at least to admire the highlights and have some relax time.

Barcelona beach

Aah the beach! No, it is not a tropical beach, but a beach nonetheless! On the beach you can rent a bed/chair, bring your own towel to relax on, or sit at one of the beach front restaurants. There is a lot of volleyball going on. Furthermore, massages on the spot are regularly offered.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, the famous football club! The club area is open for visitors. They have several small shops at the entrance to buy souvenirs and an official FC Barcelona shop to buy FC Barcelona clothing and gear. A nice place to visit for fans.

Picture: FC Barcelona gate

How to get around

Rent a scooter and explore amazing Barcelona. A scooter is the most easy way to get around and it is relatively safe to drive in Barcelona in comparison with most Asian countries. Of course, you do need a drivers license to rent a scooter. On a scooter, you can reach the main attractions in Barcelona on your own time.

Picture: Siteseeing in Barcelona on a scooter

Note that most attractions are too far apart to walk (unless you have sufficient time and love to walk around a lot). Don’t want to drive yourself? Like every big European city, there is a hop on hop off bus in Barcelona. Click here for more information.

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