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I ❤️ Curaçao

The island Curaçao, one of the “ABC-Islands” (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao), situated in the Caribbean, just above South-America. Curaçao used to be a colony of the Netherlands since the Dutch claimed this island as their own in 1634. The island still has many cultural influences from the Netherlands. Many Dutch tourists spend their holidays on the island, even though it is a 9,5 hour flight. However, many Americans visit too!  This Travel Log focuses on the sightseeing highlights in Curaçao.

Curaçao Harbor

The typical colored houses in the harbor of Curaçao are an iconic landmark of the Curaçao island. The colored houses on the Punda Handelskade” is one of the most photographed street of the island. The colonial houses are situated at the waterfront of Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. So how come these houses are so brightly colored? You may wonder. The story goes that in the year 1817, governor-general Albert Kikkert had continuous headaches. The governor blamed these headaches on the white colored houses, reflecting the sun. This notion led to a law, stating that all buildings must be colored. It is said though that later people found out that the governor himself was shareholder of the only paint store there was on the island… Nevertheless, it led to some amazing colorful streets. Moreover, in 1997 the historic area of the inner city and harbor of Willemstad was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Picture: Curaçao colored houses Picture: Curaçao 

Signature Curaçao sights!

Morning Water Yoga

What could be better than to start your day with morning water yoga in the ocean on a sup-board?! There are two locations on Curacao island where water yoga lessons are being given. One on the East side and one on the West side of the island. Best part is: you don’t have to be a pro to take a class. Beginner or pro: definately recommendable! The company that gives these lessons is called: “DushiSup“. On their website you can find out more practical information regarding times and dates. The downwards facing dog never seemed so appealing!

Picture: Curaçao water yoga Picture: Curaçao water yoga chill

A balanced start of your day!

Shete Boka park

Right beside the biggest national park of Curaçao (Christoffelpark), in the North of the island, you can find the national park: “Shete Boka”. Freely translated, Shete Boka means: “Seven Bays”. Shete Boca is approximately 200 acres big and established in 1994. Shete Boka runs until the coastal line of over 10 kilometers long and has different bays. The area is known for it to be a breading place for turtles. There are three main highlights of the Shete Boka park:

  1. Boka Tabla: a natural cave, flooded with water. The waters are rough, and every now and then you can spot actual whirlpool’s. There are stairs that you can take to get down.
  2. Boka Wandomi: the natural bridge of Curaçao
  3. Boka Pistol: the waters are so rough at this place that the water actually shoots up against the rocks, hence the name: “Pistol”.

If you plan on visiting Shete Boca, we have a few tips:

  • Bring good shoes;
  • If you go by car, be aware that most roads are not paved but bumpy and rocky; and
  • Take your belongings with you from the car: unfortunately, there have been reports that things get stolen
Picture: Curaçao  Picture: Curaçao 

Raw wonders of nature!

Diving around Curaçao 

Curaçao is an amazing place for dive lovers. There are incredible reefs and sloping walls under water as well as interesting wrecks nearby. The temperature of the water is 25 to 27 C and the visibility is usually very good, varying from 15 to 60 meters.

The best places to go diving around the island are the following spots:

  • Superior Producer: Wreck-dive
  • Porto Marie (The Valley): sand-area
  • Watamula: Tunnels and corals
  • Snake Bay: Fish-site
  • Tugboat at Caracasbaii: Wreck-dive
  • Playa Kalki (Alice in Wonderland): wall & coral

On the island there are many diving schools to be found. Almost one on every street corner, so it will not be difficult to find one to book an introduction dive or to go for your PADI or, if you are more experienced, to go for a longer guided dive.

Picture: Curaçao diving  Picture: Curaçao diving

The amazing underwater world!

Other fun daytrips

  • Hato Caves: natural cave site.
  • Klein Curaçao: a small uninhabited island close to Curaçao.
  • Curacao’s beaches: there are many beautiful beaches waiting to be explored.
  • Willemstad: visit the islands capital.

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