Explore Paramaribo, Suriname 2/3

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You are now about to read the second Travel Log out of three on Paramaribo, Suriname.

Palm garden

Famous area in Paramaribo is the Palm garden. The garden is full of King palms, planted there in 1983 by the gouvernor of Suriname: Cornelis van Aerssen van Sommelsdijck for his wife. The palmgarden is now open for the public. Also, on certain events, there are different market stalls there.

Picture: Palm garden Picture: Palm garden

During the day, there are not many people in the park. However, you can walk around freely. It is a nice place to have seen once you are there.

Colakreek (Blacka Watra)

Cola kreek, famous for its waters as black as Coca-Cola, hence the name. The water gets the color from the falling leaves. Colakreek is located at 50 km from Paramaribo and 3 km from the international airport Zanderij. We drove up to Colakreek in the morning to spend the day there. Most Suriname visitors come with their whole family and a lot of food and stay there for hours.

Picture: Colakreek restaurant Picture: Colakreek 

At Colakreek you can rent a cabana for the day and even little cottages for overnight stays. For us, we have been at Colakreek already many years ago, and it seems that the venue is getting less and less popular.

Picture: Colakreek slide Picture: Colakreek

Note that lately a lot of people have complained about being bitten by sandflies (Sika’s) at the Colakreek premises.

The day entree price for Colakreek is SRD 20 for adults and SRD 12,50 for children up to 12 years. Infants up to 2 years can go in for free. For more information, a company called METS is the official operator of Colakreek. They also offer multiple day/overnight stays.

Buildings of interest 

On the independence square, the presidential official residence is located. Furthermore, in the city, you can find the Israeli Synagogue, right next to the mosque. The religions can co-exist. Of the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral it is said that it is the largest wooden structure of the Western Hemisphere. The structure is blue and yellow, not to be missed!

Picture: Presidential residence  Picture: St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral

When you are in the area, stop by and have a look!

Brownsberg (Bronsberg)

Explore Brownsberg and do a nature trail! Brownsberg is a national nature protected area of approximately 12,200 Acres wide. Within the area you find a (small) mountain called “Brownsberg”. We chose to do a day trip to Brownsberg and booked the excursion in Paramaribo city center. We were picked up early in the morning in Paramaribo before sunrise and drove in a minivan to Brownsberg. Arriving at Brownsberg, we got out, had something to eat and drink before we headed out into the jungle.

But first, we went to see the view from the lookout point over Brokopondro lake, an amazing view over the rainforest on the lake. On our way to the waterfall we saw many different interesting animals and things like for instance a poisonous frog and a healing tree.

Picture: Brownsberg entrance Picture: Brownsberg view
Picture: Brownsberg waterfall Picture: Brownsberg hiking trail

After a few hours of hiking, we arrived at the waterfall. The fresh water was very welcome as it was really hot! We took a dip and sat down on the rocks for a bit before we headed back. It was a great day out!

Brokopondo dam (Stuwmeer)

In 1915, Bauxiet was discovered in Surinam. In order to convert Bauxiet to aluminum, electricity was required. This electricity could be created with the use of water force. Consequently, in 1950, it was decided that a dam would be build. The location of the dam was determined to be in Afobaka, an area close to Brokopondo. The dam was consequently named: “the Afobaka dam” and is 54 meters high.

Picture: Brokopondo lake tree tops sticking out Picture: Brokopondo lake from Brownsberg

Due to the Afobaka dam, a lake was created in Brokopondo. As the trees at the location of the lake were not cut down before the water came, you can still see the tops of trees now sticking out of the lake. The Brokopondo lake is 135,000 Acres large and is also home to many flesh eating Piranhas!

Take a sneak peek!

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