A quad safari in the Sinai desert in Egypt

Explore the Sinai desert in Egypt on a quad

Always wanted to do a quad tour through the desert? Watch the sun go down in the sand, see the camels wandering around in the wild, visit echo hill and visit the locals. It is possible in the Sinai desert in Egypt!

The Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula has a triangular shape with one of the points pointing South and is the only part of Egypt that is Asian. The Sinai Peninsula basically forms a land-bridge between Africa and Asia and covers approximately 60,000 m2. It is estimated that the Sinai Peninsula is home of approximately 1,5 million people. The Sinai Peninsula is known for the coastal areas, especially in the South, where you can find the most amazing diving and snorkeling spots of the world. Furthermore, the land itself is very dry; the Sinai desert.

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most touristy places on the Sinaï Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh is a big coastal city located all the way on the South of the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh is also the starting point of a day trip through the Sinai desert. From Sharm el Sheikh, you can arrange a quad safari in the Sinai desert.

Picture: Quads in the desert Picture: Ready to explore 

Let’s go on a Quad Safari!

The Quad Safari

From your hotel you get picked up with a minivan, that takes you to the starting point of the quad safari, at the edge of the Sinai desert. First you will get a safety instruction and afterwards, you will walk with your group to the quads. It is of importance to follow the tracks of the guide as there can be rocks just sitting under the surface. Riding over these rocks on a quad can be dangerous. As a group you will follow the guide on the quad safari, either alone on a quad or with two people. You will go on high speeds through the Sinai desert, leaving behind a trail of dust. There are different kinds of quad safari’s that you can choose. From 3 hours up to 5 hours.

The locals

At some point, the guide makes a stop to let the motors of the quads cool down for a bit. The tour we took stopped near a tent of the local Bedouin people, who made us some tea. Also, you can see the camels up close. Furthermore, most of the camels are actually wild and can be spotted on your trip. When you arrive at the stop, the local Bedouin children come running to you to see if you have any water, candy or other presents for them. Do bring water for the local children, they will be very happy.

Picture: Captive camel  Picture: Bedouin girl

The locals are really sweet people, do talk to them. 😊 🐫 However, if every tourist stops riding captive animals, the world would be a better place. Think twice!

Echo hill

The echo hill echo’s your sounds right back to you, even at a significant distance. The tour guide should let you know where to stand specifically. When you stand at this spot and yell something, your yell gets echoed back; hence the name Echo Hill. Walk around a bit and take in the extraordinary surroundings. All you will see for miles and miles on end is sand, rock mountains, the occasional cactus 🌵 and camels 🐫. Pretty peaceful, but really hot.

Picture: Sinai desert view  Picture: Sinai desert view: free camel

Sand, sand and more sand… !

Watching the sunset in the desert

The sun goes under in a matter of seconds. Be sure to pay attention or you will miss it. Your guide should be able to let you know where to stand to watch this magical sunset behind the rock mountains. The group heads back when the night falls. An amazing experience for the active dare-devils. An adventure in the Sinai desert you will not soon forget.

Picture: Sinai desert view  Picture: Sinai desert sunset

An amazing quad safari adventure in the Sinai desert.

What to wear

Be sure to wear (long) trousers and a shirt with long sleeves. It may sound a bit strange, but covering yourself helps against the heat. Also, you can avoid sunburn. It gets very hot in the desert. A scarf and sunglasses are no luxury as you may have to deal with a lot of sand. The tour guide will know how to wrap your scarf correctly. If you bring a camera, make sure you also bring a good camera cover as the desert is dusty, especially on a quad.

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