Kawthaung, Myanmar – the beauty of nature


In the far South of Myanmar, you find the small village of Kawthaung. The nature in the Kawthaung area is amazing. However, the area is still very much undiscovered by tourists. Consequently, there is not much to do in Kawthaung town. There are not much restaurants and/or bars for tourists.

People who do end up in Kawthaung are usually on their way to another destination. However, if you like peace and quiet, and like amazing sea views, it might be worthwhile spending the night in Victoria Cliff Hotel in Kawthaung. This is the biggest (and one of the very few) places to spend the night in Kawthaung. The hotel has 4 well deserved stars and has a fantastic infinity pool overlooking the sea.

Picture: Kawthaung infinity pool Picture: Kawthaung sunset 

Things to do in the area

From the Kawthaung pier, 15 minutes drive from the Victoria Cliff hotel, many boats depart for snorkel, diving and sailing tours. The Kawthaung area has a rich under water life. A reasonably new tourist place. We expect this region to grow rapidly in the coming years. You can book a single or multiple day boat trip. Another thing you can do is visit one of the nearby islands.

About 30 minutes drive from Kawthaung airport, 40 km, you can find the Maliwan waterfall. The waterfall is approximately 10 meters high. Burmese locals like to go there with their families to spend the day, swim and picnic. A small waterpark (slides and canoes) have been made too.

About 10 more km north of the Maliwan waterfall, you can find the Maliwan hot springs. However, they are not that special.

The Pyi Daw Aye pagoda is the most prominent pagoda of Kawthaung. It is the most visited pagoda in Kawthaung with its golden top. The pagoda lies in Kawthaung town. It is worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.

Or, just watch the amazing sunset!

Picture: sunset Kawthaung  Picture: sunset Kawthaung 

How to get there

Kawthaung has a small airport. And we mean very small. It features mostly small domestic flights. Kawthaung can also be reached by (long-) boat from Ranong, Thailand.

Useful tips:

  • Look closely in to the Myanmar VISA requirements as they are quite strict. Some VISA’s are only valid at certain country entry points, etc.
  • Bring bug-repellent!

End note

Give it a couple of years, and the area will have adapted to increasing numbers of tourists. Not sure if that is a good thing though! In anyway, if you are looking for great sunsets or amazing views, Kawthaung is the place to be.

Picture: Kawthaung view Picture: Kawthaung view

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