Make your way up the stairs to Fort Golconda, Hyderabad, India

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The long stairs of Fort Golconda.

Golconda, translated as: “round (shaped) hills”. Alternatively, the name could stem from the phrase “Golla Konda”, which means ‘Sheppard’s hill’ in Telugu.

Picture: Top fort Golconda Picture: Sneak peak

Golconda, an enormous fort just 11 km outside of Hyderabad is a ruin city, surrounded by 10 km of walls. The fort was built in the year 1525. The ruins are located on a 120 meter high hill. No less than 365 steps are to be concurred to reach the top. From the top, you have an amazing view over the city Hyderabad.

Picture: Fort Golconda top Picture: Fort Golconda hall

The fort was known for the amazing diamonds found there. The fort is an archaeological treasure in India. When you have reached the top of the fort, you will have an amazing view of the city (unfortunately covered by the smog).

Picture: Fort Golconda entree Picture: Fort Golconda doorway

When walking through the ruins, you will get a feel of what life was like, a long time ago. The barracks in which the servants slept and the huge water tanks and pipe-lines.

At the bottom of the fort, there is a place where an echo can be created. When you clap your hands, you will hear the echo, but only on certain places. The echo can also be heard on the top of the fort!

Picture: Fort Golconda pathway Picture: Fort Golconda top building

Note that the fort closes at 17:00, however, you can still enjoy the light show in the evening hours, providing an insight in the history of Fort Golconda.

We arrived at Fort Golconda a little bit on the late side, but fortunately, a tourguide was still willing to show us around.

How to get there

From Hyderabad, the most easy way is to get a taxi to the entrance of the fort.

Practical tips

  • Mind the ‘sales’ people welcoming you at the entrance, offering guidance. Usually they are actually pretty good guides and are knowledgeable about the fort, however, sometimes they ask unreasonable prices for their services.
  • Around sunset, the mosquito’s appear.. Bring bug repellant.
  • When you are up there, enjoy the view!
Picture: Fort Golconda view Picture: Fort Golconda view

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