Surfing at Padang Padang beach, Bali, Indonesia

Padang Padang beach

THE surfers beach of Bali! Surf’s up! At Padang Padang Beach. If you like surfing, Padang Padang beach is the beach for you.

Padang Padang Beach is located on the north-western coast of the Indonesian island’s Bukit Peninsula and one kilometer (30 minutes drive) southwest of the Uluwatu temple. Padang Padang beach is not a big beach, on the contrary. The beach stretches out about 100 meters and is surrounded by high cliffs and rock formations. To get there even, you will need to walk down a carved out stairs between rocks. On the beach, there is a laid back vibe. There are people chilling on the beach and people getting ready to surf. Overall, you will find the typical surf-dude type there.

Picture: Padang Padang beach Picture: Padang Padang beach 

On the left side of the beach, there are many different stalls, selling beach scarfs, food and drinks and renting out beach and surf gear, like umbrella’s and surf boards.

Picture: Padang Padang beach  Picture: Padang Padang beach 

The beach slowly decents, and with every good surf spot, the waves are realy out there. In fact, the hotels and stores surrounding Padang Padang beach are all focussed on surfing. You can for instance easily rent a motor bike, which has room for your surf board on the side. Pretty common!

Padang Padang Surf 🏄 

Right in front of the beach, the waves are suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers. You have more slow unbroken waves. Especially with high water, the waves are very forgiving.

Close to Padang Padang beach, you find the “Balinese pipeline”. This wave, suitable for expert surfers, is a very fast and long barreling wave. The wave breaks over shallow waters.

Picture: Padang Padang beach shop Picture: Padang Padang beach shop

Yes, the beach is a true gem. However, if you think that you will be there by yourself, you have another thing coming. The beach is litterally packed every day. At the back of the beach, there is a restaurant with a terras where you can get something to eat. Padang Padang beach is one of the most popular beaches among tourists.

Picture: Padang Padang beach umbrellas  Picture: Padang Padang beach crowd 

Some of the stalls are run by surfers, so they will strengthen the surf vibe with the signature rock and reggae music. Note that during the day, there is minimal shade on the island. However, you can rent an umbrella at the beach (Price: approximately 100K Rupiah, but like with everything in Bali, you can negotiate the price down).

Padang Padang beach monkeys 🐒 

On and around the Padang Padang beach, monkey’s can be found. They look pretty cute, but be carefull with food or other loose items they might have an interest in. We have seen one of the monkies steal a pair of sunglasses! It took over an hour and an Alpha male showdown to get the sunglasses back!

Picture: Padang Padang beach monkeys  Picture: Padang Padang beach monkey 

Bring a banana 🍌!

Picture: Beach monkeys Picture: Beach view

“Padang Padang beach; the surf beach of Bali!”

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