Rafting trip – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

(Wild) water rafting

The adventure starts at 09:00. Or every hour after 09:00 up until 15:00. However, the early morning trips are the most quiet trips. During the day, bus loads of people come by for a rafting tour. When you arrive, your rafting guide will prepare you for the trip. If you like, there are changing rooms at the premises, including showers (for afterwards). There is also a Safety box to put your clothes/bags etc in while you go on your rafting trip. You will get a life-vest a helmet and a peddle and off you go!

This tour is not an extreme wild water rafting trip, but a “fun” family day trip.

Walk down some stairs to the boat to start the experience. The river typically has a good current, and a few fun “rapids”. While rafting, take a look around and notice the colorful butterflies twirling in between the low hanging lians, and the small lizards roaming around the shore lines. During the rapids, use your team spirit to avoid bumping into the rocks sticking out of the water, and the rock solid walls on the river side.

Picture: Bali Rafting Picture: Bali Rafting 

The boat has a rope around it for everyone to hold on to it when the going gets though!

Rafting stops
The route has 3 resting spots. The first one feels the most in touch with nature. The locals use that spot as well to take a shower in the fresh water. Take a rest there and enjoy the surroundings! The second two stops are pretty similar; a river site bedding with a stand on it where you can buy something to drink or eat like a coconut. If you like to buy a drink, but didn’t bring you wallet; no problem, you can pay when you get back to the starting base with your rafting guide. All in all, it is a commercial place, so the people selling the drinks are part of/related to the rafting company too.

Picture: Bali Rafting surroundings  Picture: Bali Rafting resting 

The tour takes about 1 hour. At the end, an open back truck takes you back to the starting point again, where you can enjoy a very decent lunch. If you are vegetarian, no problem, let them know in advance and they will prepare a nice meal for you!

Picture: Bali Rafting chill  Picture: Bali Rafting river

Tips & tricks

  • A dry-bag is ideal to take with you in the boat. That way you can bring your phone, wallet etc.
  • For the frequent water persons with a GoPro or similar device; bring it!
  • The route is doable for children and seniors too, so do not expect an epic wild water rafting experience.
  • Along the river, there are several companies offering rafting experiences. The pictures in this Travel Log are taken from the ccompany: Amazone Bali Rafting.
  • Note that Bali also offers more extreme wild water rafting, around the Agung volcano area.
Picture: Bali Rafting resting place Picture: Bali Rafting entrance 

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