Review – Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Review  – The Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore 

Every now and then we come across a unique hotel. The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is one of them. A landmark of Singapore, towering out over the city. The hotel is specifically known for its infinity pool on the rooftop, supported by three towers. Therefore, we have drafted a write-up on Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.

Picture: Marina Bay Sands Hotel  Picture: The Infinity Pool

As a reference point for this write up; the Marina Bay Sands Hotel:

  • is a 5* hotel; and
  • costs approx. 420 EUR per night per (standard) room

TFS Like!

The infinity pool: The view from the rooftop is downright stunning. It is hands-down the best view you can have over Singapore city on one side, and the Singapore harbor on the other side. The infinity pool is amazing (however, very crowded all the time with people making pictures and selfies).

Picture: City & pool view at sunset  Picture: Harbor view at sunrise 

Early check-in: We arrived at 12:00 (noon), however check-in is at 15:00. The front desk person arranged an early check-in for us, much appreciated, as with your room-key, you can enter the main attraction of the hotel: the infinity pool!

Picture: The Marina Bay Sands garden Picture: Infinity pool synchronized swim

Luggage storage: After check-out, there is a place where you can leave your luggage if you have some time to roam around before your flight departs.

“The Infinity pool is just amazing ?”

Room: The room was perfect; not too small, good water pressure, safe and mini-bar.

The Marina Bay Sands gardens: one word: Amazing.

TFS to be improved/no likes

Having mentioned all the wonderful features of this hotel, there are definitely some points that need improvement. The hotel is huge. While being very impressive, a hotel of this size needs to be very careful not to lose the human touch when providing its service.

Poor luggage/check in service: When we arrived with the taxi, there was no-one to help us with our bags. We had 3 big bags with only one handle, and they were heavy, especially after a long tiring trip. There were several carts standing outside in front of the hotel to carry luggage. However, when we wanted to use one to get to the check in counter. We were told that we were not allowed to, and that we just had to carry our bags in ourselves (there were plenty carts available). From one side of the hotel to the other (which is not close by!).

“Like an ant in an ant nest ?”

Third wheel: We booked a room for thee people. The room itself was very nice. That is, for two persons. The third person was a little less fortunate. When we entered the room, there were only two beds. We had to dial the reception to ask about the third bed. Later on, the third bed got wheeled in the room. A chair was pushed to the side to make room for the bed, leaving almost no room to get to the “balcony”. That would not be a big deal if the bed was of good quality. However, the person sleeping on the bed was 1,76 meter tall and the bed was about the same. This meant that there were two feet sticking out. Besides that, the bed is lower than the other two beds and harder. There was an extra bag of supplies brought in for our third wheel, with a bathrobe and slippers etc. however, those items did not cover everything. For instance, we made some tea in the room. However, only two cups ☕️ and tea bags available.

Picture: Extra bed Picture: Breakfast line

Waiting, waiting waiting: Because the hotel is so immensely big, there are many people all wanting something. Consequently, you have to wait in line for almost everything. To get through the breakfast que alone took us 20 minutes. People in front of us already started to complain as standard check-out time is 11:00; that doesn’t leave much time to take a last dive, have breakfast and pack. We got out of line at a certain point due to lack of time. The same goes for check in and check out. Waiting waiting.

Prices: Expensive, however, that is to be expected. As an example: 23 Singapore Dollar for a pizza Margarita.

Service attitude: At the check out counter we were asked if everything was ok in our stay.

  • Desk person: How was your stay? Was everything as you wish?
  • Us: Actually, no, it was not.
  • Desk person: Aww, that’s unfortunate, sorry for that.

And that was it. Needless to say, we did not feel that much welcome, heared or appreciated. It felt like being a number in a big factory, or an ant in an ants nest.


The Marina Bay Sands hotel is an amazing hotel when it comes to the features it provides, however, on a personal level, the service could be better.

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