Saraswati (Lotus) temple, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Pura Taman Saraswati (Lotus) temple

The name says it all! At the entrance, you will see two big ponds filled with beautiful pink lotus flowers. In the middle, a path towards the temple is created. The sight is truly breathtaking. The lotus flowers are bright pink, giving the whole scenery a dreamy, fairytale-like appearance. 🌺

Picture: Lotus temple foyer 🌺 Picture: Pink Lotus flower 🌺 

The Lotus temple is situated in the heart of Ubud on the island of beautiful Bali, Indonesia. The Pura Taman Saraswati is one of the water temples in Bali. Right at the main road Jalan Raya Ubud, of central Ubud, you can just walk in to have a look. The temple is built with a typical Balinese architectural style. Note all the amazing details of the temple. The temple and its statues honor Sariswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge and art. Entrance to the Lotus garden is free. But, like in every Balinese temple, a sarong and sash are required.

Picture: Lotus temple detail  Picture: Lotus temple detail 

Lotus Cafe 🌺

Right next to the Lotus temple, you find the Lotus Cafe. The temple is actually a bit hidden behind the Lotus Cafe. A popular place for tourists to get something to eat or drink while enjoying the view on the Lotus flowers.

Picture: Lotus Cafe Picture: Lotus Cafe

Average prices for a dinner amounts to approximately USD 15. Not cheap for Bali, however, the cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Ubud.

Picture: Lotus Cafe Picture: Lotus Cafe

Balinese dance 💃🏻 🌺

From 19:30, you can enjoy the signature Balinese dance at the Lotus temple on Tuesday and Thursday. Find a nice place to have dinner and watch the amazing shows. You can buy the tickets during the day right at the entrance of the Lotus foyer. Price: approximately IDR 100,000.  The typical Balinese dance is called “Kecak”. Often a religious story is being told through dance while a group of single men take care of the ‘music’ by repeating the word Kecak over and over again in different manners. No actual instruments are being used. Pretty impressive! If you are not in the Ubud area, but like to see this dance, a performance is also given daily at the Uluwatu temple. Also, you can find Kecak performances at many places in Ubud.

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