Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

Pura Tanah Lot

Probably the most famous temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia. A temple that can be reached on low tide and becomes separated from Bali on high tide. The Hindi temple is situated at a rock, just in front of the coastal shore of Bali. Tanah Lot is a Bali landmark and is in the top of Bali sightseeing highlights. Especially around sunset, there are many visitors and photographers. With good weather you can even see the Uluwatu temple, as it is said that all Balinese sea temples should be able to “see” each other.

Tanah Lot story
Pura (temple) Tanah Lot is closely linked to the “Nirartha story”. The story goes as follows: Nirartha, a Hindi priest, made his way from Java to Bali by following a light beam in th 16th century. The local priest however did not appreciate Nirartha coming to Bali and demanded Nirartha to leave. Instead of leaving, Nirartha decided to meditate on the Tanah Lot rock. In doing this, he pushed the rock on which he meditated into the sea, creating the new island Tanah Lot. Upon this event, Nirartha turned his scarf into poisonous snakes to guard the temple and to dedicate Tanah Lot to the God of the sea.

Picture: Tanah Lot Picture: Tanah Lot 

Right across the Tanah Lot temple, the locals currently house a snake in a narrow cave, for visitors to see and touch, to keep the story alive.

Practical aspects

Upon arrival, you will need to buy your entrance ticket at the gate, and you will be lead along a street of different souvenir shops and restaurants. The entrance fee is: Rupiah 10K. However, an additional Rupiah 7K is due for parking your car. When you reach the main portal, decent a few stairs and you will see the Tanah Lot temple rising. Unfortunately, the temple is not fully open to the public. There are some stairs you can climb, however, you first need to be cleansed with holy water.

Holy water ceremony

The holy water supply is situated at the base of the Tanah Lot temple. You will have to get in line for it. First wash your face and hands in and with the holy water. Afterwards, a priest  will sprinkel some holy drops on you and gives you a few rice grane dot between the eyes (like Hindoe red dot) and another priest gives you a flower behind the ear. After this quick ceremony, you are (if you are a tourist) kindly pressured into making a voluntarily donation.

Picture: Tanah Lot shops Picture: Tanah Lot shops

After this ceremony, you are allowed to take the stairs. The stairs however do not go far up, and also, it doesn’t provide you with a better perspective on the temple. But why not take a look while you are there. When the tide is low enough, you can walk a little further on the normally submerged floor, to get a better view on the temple. The Tanah Lot temple is actually a bit hidden away at the back of the big rock.

Picture: Tanah Lot ceremony  Picture: Tanah Lot 

Even though the Tannah Lot temple is situated in the sea, the rock contains a fresh water well with holy water.

How to get there

You can find Tanah Lot at the West coast of Bali. From DenPasar AirPort, it is about a 2 hour drive (depending on traffic) and from Ubud about 1,5 hour drive. It is most common to hire a driver for a day. Typically, drivers are reasonably affordable, and it beats taking any kind of public transportation in the burning heat! We agreed with a driver aswell to show us around, and we have a good experience with that. In fact, we liked it so much that we hired the driver for 4 days instead of just 1 as initially intended.

A typical fee for a driver amounts to:
– 600K to 800K Rupiah
– For 10 hours with car
– Including fuel and toll (if applicable).
The driver can let you know which places you can visit in a day (make a schedule) or ofcourse, if you know where you want to go, you can tell the driver.

Picture: Tanah Lot entrance  Picture: Tanah Lot low tide

If you are interested in hiring a driver, you can contact the person who drove us;

Name: Holybalidriver.com
Instagram: @holibalidriver
Facebook: Holibalidriver

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