Tegallalang rice terraces, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Tegallalang rice terraces

If there is one place that you should see in Bali, it would be the Tegallalang rice terraces. You can find this jaw-dropping site just North of Ubud.

Picture: Rice fields  Picture: Rice fields 

The irrigation system used in the rice fields has an interesting story. It is said that the technique is the lagacy of a holy man named Rsi Markandeya and is called: “Subak”. Rsi Markandeya lived in the eight century. It is now referred to as the traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system. The Subak means the creation of a water eco-system, making use of layered fields, while watering the roots of the rice plants. In the year 2012 the Subak was added to the UNESCO world herritage list.

Picture: Rice fields  Picture: Rice fields

The Tegallalang rice fields are the place to go if you like to make pictures of long stretched rice fields with different levels. As always, the place is the most beautifull early in the morning. With the morning water drops on the rice fields, shimmering in the early morning light, the place is just magical. You can walk around the rice fields as long as you like. Also, if you come early, you beat the crowds. But this advice goes for about every highlight in Bali.

Picture: Rice fields  Coconut  Picture: Rice fields swing

There is a long road along side the Tegallalang rice fields. One one side of the road, you find some shops selling drinks, coconuts, clothes and souvenirs, on the other side you have an immediate view on the rice fields. One level down, there are also many souvenir shops. Keep in mind that there are no fixed proces. Everything is up for bargening. Along side this road is typically the drop-off point if you have a driver.

Picture: Rice fields  Palm trees Picture: Rice fields close-up

The vendors may sometimes be a bit strong “in your face”. However, there are a lot of very talented craftsmen when it comes to woodcarving. Woodworks are typical Balinese. It is worthwhile to have a look and maybe buy a unique handmade piece.

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