The 3 most impressive waterfalls nearby Dalat, Vietnam

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The Dalat waterfalls.

The Dalat area is famous for its waterfalls. There are so many of them! Even though every waterfall has its own charm, we have made a selection of three totally different falls you can go see in only one day:

  • Bao Dai Falls
  • Elephant falls; and
  • Pongour falls

Ofcours there are several others that are worth visiting. If you have more time in Dalat, and you would like to see some more waterfalls, consider the following falls, they are also absolutely worth a visit:

  • Bo Bla falls (80 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Tiger falls (15 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Dambri falls (130 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Gougah falls (35 kilometer from Dalat)
  • Lien Khuong falls (28 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Datanla falls (6 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Prenn falls (16 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Ankroet falls (17 kilometers from Dalat)
  • Cam Ly falls (2 kilometers from Dalat)

Back to our favorite three Dalat falls!

Bao Dai Falls

The Bao Dai Fall is located 50 kilometers South of Dalat. By car, it takes approximately 1,5 hours to get there. At the moment, the entrance is free as there are relatively small amounts of tourists visiting the sight. This means you can almost enjoy the falls on your own! We expect that this change in the future, so here’s your chance to witness unspoilt nature (unless every reader goes now). The Bao Dai falls is a massive wide fall with lots of muddy water falling of it. You can go down on man-made stairs alongside of the fall and walk along the promenade with several amazing look-out points

Elephant Falls

The elephant fall is located 30 kilometers from Dalat. No entree fee is charged. The fun thing about this fall is that you can climb all the way down to stand literally under the waterfall. When we say climb, we really mean climb. For the first meters down, there is a nice bridge and stairs, but after that you are basically rock-climbing. The locals did attach  some items to hold on to the rocks, but it is still an adventure as the rocks ar slippery, big steps are sometimes required with differences in height. At the bottom, you can climb through a rock-opening to get to the waterfall bottom. Quite the experience as water makes an enormous noise falling down in high amounts and with brute force. The fall is well known and there is a small souvenir shop and a small restaurant at the entrance. Needless to say, there are also a lot of tourists visiting the fall daily.

Pongour Falls

The Pongour fall is located at 50 kilometer from Dalat. The entree fee for the Pongour falls is VND 10,000. A wide rock formation accompanying the water down, where it ends up in a relatively quiet river. These days the waterfall flow is controlled by a dam; the Da Nhim dam. Consequently, the water flows are somewhat reduced. No massive amounts of water forcefully gushing over, but several smaller flows have been formed. Right in front of the waterfall are rocks sticking out of the water where you can sit and enjoy the view for a while. To get to the waterfall you have to go down quite some steps, which can be somewhat demanding if your stamina is not very high (at a certain point you have to go back up too!) The site is pretty touristic, so there are a few restaurants and small shops at the entrance of the falls an at the foot of the falls.

Practical tips

  • Wear shoes with decent grip! As walking alongside the falls, or climbing down falls is quite slippery!

How to get there

It is advised to take a tour guide with a car to drive you around. Alternatively, in Dalat you can also book guided group tours. However, that would also mean that you have less freedom to decide how long you would like to stay where.


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