The 8 must see temples and pagoda’s in Bagan, Myanmar

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Bagan, Myanmar.

The Bagan heritage site has three main areas: Nuang-U (North Bagan), Old Bagan (old center Bagan), and New Bagan (South Bagan). Each area has its own charm. Most temples and pagoda’s are situated around Old Bagan.

What is better than renting an E-bike and drive through the Bagan heritage site, on your own time! An E-bike is really quiet and runs at a maximum of 45 km per hour. You can rent an E-bike usually at your own hotel or nearby your hotel. We have paid 8,000 Kyat for 1 E-bike for a whole day.

So, when you have your E-bike and gear ready, which temples and pagoda’s should be on the top of the list? Here’s our list of the 8 must see Bagan temples and pagoda.

The 8 must see Bagan temples and pagodas!

1. That-byin-nyu Temple

2. Ananda Temple

3. Dhamma-yan-gyi Pahto

4. Hti-lo-mi-lo

5. Shwe-zi-gon Paya

6. Tayok py Paya

7. Su-La-Ma-Ni Phato

8. Dhamma-ya-ka Zedi


Souvenir shops

Although foreign tourists were not until recently allowed to enter the country, Bagan has been a national tourist site for many years. More and more foreign tourist come to visit Bagan, leading to more and more souvenir shops. Sometimes the vendors try to sell modestly, but around famous and big temples like Ananda, the local Burmese people try to exploit tourism as much as possible. Sometimes even to a point that it spoils the natural beauty of a temple, when they use neon-lights and inappropriately pressure tourists into buying things.

Picture: Small souvenir shops outside a Pagoda

Useful tips for temple hunters

  • Every foreigner is required to buy a national heritage pass, to visit the temples and pagoda. The pass costs 25,000 Kyat and can be purchased at Bagan (Nuaung-U) Airport or at the Dhamma temple.
  • Always take off your shoes/slippers before entering in a temple, footwear is not allowed, in any Bagan temple.
  • Make sure you cover your legs and shoulders appropriately. Bare shoulders and legs are not allowed, in any Bagan temple.

Get an idea of the Bagan temples

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