Feel tropical at The Bahamas

The Bahamas

South-East of Key West, Miami, USA, lies the Bahamas. An archipelago of amazing tropical islands. Although the Bahamas has many gems, in this Travel log, we have highlighted Half Moon Cay island and Nassau.

Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay is one of the smaller islands of the Bahamas. There are a few cabana’s to rent for a day and a few restaurants. The beach and its facilities are mainly focused on people coming to shore from cruise ships.

The Half Moon Cay beach is downright amazing. A true paradise. However, when a cruise ship anchors, the beach gets very crowded!

Picture: Half Moon Cay Picture: Half Moon Cay

If you want more beach for yourself, walk all the way to the end, away from the crowd.

Picture: Bahama’s Picture: Bahamas Cabana

Spend the day doing absolutely nothing on one of the free beds, take a dive every now and then and enjoy the surroundings. Perhaps drink a coconut cocktail and swing in a hammock. If you are feeling up to it, and it’s not too hot, take a stroll down the long Beach.

Nassau area

Docking at Nassau harbor means a vibrant welcome. Dances are being performed by locals and sometimes there is even an actual local band playing. Also, there are a lot of stalls where you can buy souvenirs and typical or touristy Bahama clothing.

Furthermore, there are several Stalls where you can book a tour for the day. We booked a boat snorkeling tour to some surrounding islands of a few hours. The boat was not that great, but the visited sites were fantastic.

Picture: Bahama’s Picture: Bahama’s

Amazing right?!

Picture: Bahama’s  Picture: Bahama’s 

Other activities to do in Nassau, Bahamas

Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle

The Queens staircase. A site to definitely visit if you are in Nassau. From a canyon with tropical plants, you can enter the historical stairs to the lookout point. Don’t forget to check out the waterfall!

Close by the Queens staircase, you’ll find Fort Fincastle. At the fort there are some little shops where you can buy your refrigerator magnet!

The sites are freely (to go inside Fort Fincastle, you need to pay 1 USD) accessible, and there are many guides to show you around for a small tip.

Fort Charlotte

If you like some historics, Fort Charlotte is a good one to go see. From the fort, you will have a nice view and you can see the Atlantis hotel (one of the most famous hotels in the Bahamas).

Aquaventure waterparks Bahamas

This waterpark is huge and has it all. The waterpark is part of the Atlantis Hotel. Great for a fun water day if you have kids.

Bahamas Sunset

We have seen some amazing sunsets at the Bahamas area! See two examples below.

Picture: Sunset Bahamas Picture: Sunset Bahamas

The weather can be quite tricky around the Bahamas. As they have a tornado season running from 1 June to 30 November. It is best to avoid this period if you would like to visit the Bahamas.

How to get there

Well, there is only one real way to get at Half Moon Cay, and that is by means of a boat. Some of the cruise lines stop at Half Moon Cay Bahama’s, depending on the itinerary. Usually they depart from Florida, USA. Alternatively, you can fly to Nassau, the Bahama’s and catch a boat there or do an overnight trip and do other activities in or around Nassau. For more information on cruising, click here.

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