The Lebua State Tower Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Write-Up- Lebua State Tower Hotel

Who doesn’t know this hotel? A 5 star ⭐️ hotel, with its signature rooftop bar, featured in the movie: “the Hangover”. No, the rooms are not cheap, but they are freaking amaze-balls! The views from the upper rooms over Bangkok are just breathtaking.. You can hear the busy city-sounds from below while overlooking the city by nightfall. We could stand on the balcony and just look for a long time. There is so much to see with the roaring city on one hand and the Bangkok river on the other.

Picture: Lebua State tower hotel  Picture: Lebua State tower hotel 

The rooms are beautiful and the service was excellent. Although the hotel is fairly big, you still feel like the personal touch is there.

Lebua at State Tower is located in the Silom area. The Silom area is known for the expats living there. There is a lot to do around the hotel in terms of nightlife.

The Lebua rooftop bar

You will have to dress smart to get in! If you like to eat something, that’s possible. But do make a reservation in advance. Especially in the weekends it can get pretty busy. The Lebua state tower hotel has different restaurants, Asian and Western, take your pick! Just there for a drink, the vibe and the view, walk up to the cocktail bar! In the evening your night is typically accompanied by a mellow jazz-band. Chillax..

Picture: Rooftop bar Picture: Rooftop bar view 

Drinks are not cheap, similar to the room and dining prices. If you like to stay in this hotel for one night, just for the experience, but want to limit your budget: don’t eat in the hotel, but eat out. Have some drinks later on in the evening at the rooftop bar. The bar is also open for non-hotel guests.

Picture: Balcony view Picture: Balcony view 

We really liked this hotel. If you don’t mind spending some money, Lebua is the perfect hotel in Bangkok. What was your experience in the Lebua at State Tower hotel or the Lebua Skybar? Let us know in the comment section below!

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