Wat Pho: the North side reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pho, The North side

Wat Pho, a Buddhist temple right in the middle of busy Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. One of the sightseeing hot-spots for many backpackers traveling around Asia.Β The Wat Pho area is divided by Thanon Chetuphon in a North and South side. On the North side, you can find the massage school that still exists on the premises and the famous golden reclining Buddha statue. On the South side, you can find a Buddhist monastery and school. In this Travel Log, we have focused on the North side.

Phra Buddha Saiys (the reclining Buddha)

The Reclining Buddha is an immense Buddha statue, laying horizontally. The statue is so big, that it almost doesnt fit the room! The feet of the Reclining Buddha alone are 5 meters long. The level of detail in the decoration is just beautifull. With 15 meters height and 46 meters in length, the Buddha statue is quite impressive. The golden appearance of the Reclining Buddha, makes the experience just that little bit more impressive.

Picture: Reclining Buddha Picture: Reclining Buddha

At the entrance of the Reclining Buddha hall, you can purchase a bowl of coins. The idea is to drop all the coins one by one in the 108 bronze bowls set up against the length of the wall. Throwing the coins in will make a typical tingeling sound. Furthermore, the number 108 refers to the 108 positive symbols and actions that led Buddha to perfection. The income is used for the monks to help them preserve and renovate the amazing Wat Pho.

Picture: Reclining Buddha Picture: Reclining Buddha

Don’t forget to visit the South side of Wat Pho too. It is an amazing temple, amd still houses a massage school.

Picture: Reclining Buddha Picture: Reclining Buddha

When entering the area of the Reclining Buddha, you will need to take your shoes off. Also, keep in mind to dress appropriately. This means no bare legs and shoulders.

Picture: Reclining Buddha Picture: Reclining Buddha

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Good to know:

  • Entrance fee: 100 Baht
  • Opening time: 08:00-17:00

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