Visit Artis, Amsterdam city zoo, the Netherlands

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Artis, the Amsterdam zoo

An animal fan? Or just looking for a nice day out in Amsterdam, the Netherlands? Try the Amsterdam zoo. The Amsterdam zoo is 14 Acres big, well maintained and has a lot to offer. Also, from what we saw and hear, all animals are well taken care of.

Visiting the Big animals

The big animals are always favorite for many people. However, instead of roaring out loud, the lions decided on an afternoon nap. Why not! No testosterone show-off today.

Picture: Lions Picture: Giant turtle

Also, the turtles had their lazy day! Or perhaps this day was not an exception for them.. They were like: ‘It’s all goood’. And we were like: ‘All righty then!’ Then the turtle winked at us (or had sand in his eye, we were not sure).

Picture: Zebra Picture: Giraffe

The zebra and giraffe were just minding their own business. Having a nice bite of grass for lunch. The other animals did not seem offended by their bad table manners. But we gave each other a look! That did not seem to be appreciated by the local animals. By the time we received the evil eye of a Jaguar and almost got spit in the face by a stuck-up lama with an identity disorder and a bad hair-day, it was time to move on to saver grounds: the aquarium.

The Artis aquarium

Safety! At least, that is what we thought! The aquarium houses a big amount of different fish that you can view up close. Some small and colorful swimming in coral surroundings, some massive and dark leaving you impressed (or scared)!

Picture: Artis aquarium Picture: Artis aquarium

Kind of scary huh?! We said our hellow’s to the fish and slowly slided our way out of the fish tank, on to the next room.

Picture: Marlin, looking for Nemo Picture: Dories

In the next room we were welcomed by the Finding Nemo crew. Looked like they were having their annual reunion. For Dory, they arranged a bunch of stand-ins, just in case some of them would forget to show up. But what do you know, here they all appeared! Somehow though, nobody could seem to find Nemo anywhere. So Marlin looked sort of lost, again. Not again?!

Other water animals

Spread out over the zoo you can see different kinds of other water animals too, like crocodiles and Sea lions.

Picture: Sea lion Picture: Beaver

We felt sorry for the Sea lion as the poor guy needed to be quarantined for a while as he was new to the zoo. Hang in there buddy! Mr. Beaver was just doing his thing, asking about the nearest dam.

Other land animals

Back on solid grounds. The Camel looked like he was not agreeing with the Kangaroos and turned his back. Later we found out why.

Picture: Camel Picture: Kangaroos

We overheard one kangaroo saying: ‘Camel should just understand! We are all equal, but some are more equal than others!’ We instantly felt like we were watching a real-life Animal Farm performance.

Moving along!

The butterfly house

In one of the buildings, a perfect (warm and damp) atmosphere is created for butterflies. You can actually walk in to the closed off area. If you are lucky, one of butterflies lands on you.

Picture: Huge Wings! Picture: Butterfly house

Be careful not to touch the butterflies wings! As even a slight touch can damage their wings and thus their ability to fly.

Other animals

Of course, the animals displayed in this travel blog are only a small part of the amount of different species that live in Artis.

Picture: Fox Picture: unknown creachure

From showering elephants and monkeys swinging down from the chandelier, making you feel happy, to spiders and insects, squirming around, making you feel uncomfortable and itchy!

The Artis Planetarium

Artis also has a planetarium on its grounds. They play different shows throughout the day. Some for kids, some for adults. It is really great to go and see one of the shows. Note that you do have to pay extra for entering the planetarium, on top of the Artis entree ticket price.

Entree fees

Artis is not cheap. At the time we visited Artis, the prices were: EUR 21,50 for adults and EUR 18 for children below 10 years old. Infants up to 2 years can go in for free. (These prices are excluding the planetarium) Note that ordering your tickets online can save you some money. A map of the Artis grounds is available for EUR 2. Click here for the link to the Artis website.

How to get there

From Amsterdam CS or Rembrandtplein, take tram 9 and get out at the stop: ‘Plantage-kerklaan’. Tram 14 will take you there as well.

Alternatively, from Amsterdam CS, a taxi will cost about EUR 15.

Also, the Amsterdam hop on, hop off bus has a stop close to Artis.

Furthermore, if you want to take the subway, from or towards Amsterdam CS, get out at stop: ‘Waterlooplein’. Artis is about a 10 minute walk from Waterlooplein.

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