Visit the island of Koh Chang, Thailand

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Koh Chang, Thailand

Very close to Bangkok, Thailand, however, not really known by the big public as a ‘go to’ island. Too bad! For the big public! As it gives the rest of us the opportunity to visit the still relatively easy going island of Koh Chang. The Koh Chang island has a dense jungle with steep hills.

Picture: Kai Bae sunset Picture: Kai Bae beach

Where to stay

The beaches on Koh Chang are situated mainly on the west side of the island. Enclosed by two mountains on each side. Every beach has its own unique character. We decided to stay at Kai Bae beach. A beach divided by a river with a few high end hotels, but mainly family hotels and bungalows and backpacker huts. The area has a variety of restaurants from European (Italian) to South-American (Mexican) and some local Thai restaurants. There are several other beaches you can choose to stay at:

  • White sand beach
  • Chai chet
  • Lonely beach
  • Bailan beach
  • Klong Prao
  • Bang Bao
  • Long beach
  • Pearl beach

Koh Chang Island map

Ko Mu Chang National Park

As mentioned, Koh Chang island has a dense jungle. There are five waterfalls on Koh Chang island.

  • Klong plu waterfall
  • Klong nonsi waterfall
  • Tan Niyom waterfall
  • Klong Nueng waterfall
  • Keereephet waterfall

There are several tour operators offering hiking tours through the woods to the waterfalls. It is a really great trip to go on if you feel like being active on your holiday.

The Klong Plu waterfall is the most famous fall as there is almost always water in the fall, also in the dry season, the fall has many natural pools to swim in, and it is easy accessible. Due to these advantages, the fall gets crowded during the day and an entree fee of 200 Bath for an adult and 100 Bath for children is charged. If you would like to visit Klong Plu, it is advised to go in the morning, before it gets busy with mostly Russian and Thai tourists.

During November until December the falls will be at their biggest due to the peak in rain season.

The other falls each have their own charm or challenge.

How to get there

Boat; Take the ferry departing from the mainland. At Trat town, there is transportation available to the pier’s.

Plane; You can book a plane ticket going from Trat Airport to Koh Chang.

Swim; Not advised.

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