Visit the Niagara Falls, USA side

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The Niagara Falls, USA side

Visiting the Niagara falls on the USA side. The Niagara Falls are amazing no matter from which perspective you see them. From the US side, you will get a side-perspective.

Picture: American fall Picture: USA view on Niagara falls

The Niagara Falls are divided into three separate parts of the falls:

  • the American Falls;
  • the Bridal Veil Falls; and
  • the Canadian Horse Shoe Falls.

As the high part of the falls are situated in the US, you can get an up close look on the enormous power of the river next to all three falls. It is truly amazing to see tons of water making its way to the fall and making the drop. The deafening sound matches the power of the falls. There are many rapids to be seen just before the drop point. Impressive.

Panoramic observation point

To provide a better overall view on the Niagara Falls, the US built a panoramic observation deck. The deck stretches several dozens of meters towards the river. Entrance to the deck costs only a few US Dollars.

Picture: The USA Panorama deck Picture: View from the USA Panorama deck!

The entrance ticket also provides access to the lifts going down. There are several lifts going back and forth. However, sometimes it can get busy. You can do three things downstairs:

  • American Falls walk
  • Admire the Falls from below
  • Enter the maid of the mist boats

Niagara Falls walks

The American falls walk can be reached by taking the elevator down from the US observation deck. Once you arrive down, you will be welcomed by waterdrops splashing up from the falls. The closer you get, the wetter you get! There is a blue stairs going up right beside the American Falls. This is as close as you can get to the actual Niagara Falls on the US side.

The bridal veil fall is the smaller separate fall right beside the American fall. Next to the bridal veil fall, a walk has been made too to get as close to the fall as possible. To reach the entrance, cross the bridge from the US central point to a small ‘island’ dividing the American and bridal vail falls from the Horse Shoe falls. Here you can take a lift down and climb the stairs up to the falls. On this ‘island’, you can also walk up to the US side of the Canadian Horse Shoe Falls. Have a close look! Why not.

Picture: American fall walk  Picture: Bridal Veil walk

If you are intending to do the Maid of the Mist boat ride, you can best do the boat ride first before the walks, as you will get a waterproof poncho on the boat. This poncho can also be useful when going up the waterfall walks. It is like standing under a shower up there, so a poncho is essential if you don’t want to get soaked!

Maid of the mist

Entrance to the Maid of the Mist tour costs USD 18,75. The ticket also provides access to the panoramic tower and the American Falls walk.

On the boat you will get a poncho, and the boat will do a 20 minute tour alongside the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls towards the center of the Canadian Horse Shoe Fall. A great experience and almost a ‘must’ if you are there.

Niagara by night

By night, the Niagara Falls are illuminated, which is very nice to see, although it does take the sense of wild nature that was left, away.

Picture: Left USA, right Canada Picture: American fall illuminated

Every Friday at 10pm, a firework show takes place. From the Canadian side, fireworks are lit for 7 minutes. An amazing sight. The day and time may vary per season though. If there is too much wind or rain, the show is cancelled.

How to get there (and around)

Arriving by car? The National Park Niagara Falls offers parking places for USD 5 per day. You can park right in front of the falls, close to the panoramic observation tower deck.

Picture: Parking at Niagara Picture: Pendel bus

Hop on a bus to get around Niagara Park.

Take a Niagara falls sneak peek!

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