Wat Pho: the South side temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pho, The South side

Wat Pho, a Buddhist temple right in the middle of busy Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. One of the sightseeing hot-spots for many backpackers traveling around Asia. The Wat Pho area is divided by Thanon Chetuphon in a North and South side. On the North side, you can find the massage school that still exists on the premises and the famous golden reclining Buddha statue. On the South side, you can find a Buddhist monastery and school.  In this Travel Log, we have focused on the South side.

A temple called “Wat Phodharam” was built under Rama I, at the same place where you can find Wat Pho nowadays. King Rama III ordered a restauration of Wat Phodharam in 1788. Another restauration and expansion took place in 1982. All leading up to the amazing temple we can admire now.

Picture: Wat Pho Picture: Wat Pho

With around 80,000 m2, Wat  Pho is the biggest temple in Bangkok. You can find many Buddha statues around the area. The pointy peaks on some of the buildings suggest a Sri Lankan style influence when the temple was built.

Picture: Buddha statues Picture: Sri Lankan style

Before Wat Pho became a temple, the area was a center and school for traditional Thai medicine and healing. It is said that this place is the origin of the traditional Thai massages. When walking around, you can still find carved in medical inscriptions. The Wat Pho area is the first area to house a University in Bangkok.

Picture: Wat Pho Picture: Ornaments 

When visiting Wat Pho South, you can easily cross the street to visit the golden reclining Buddha. It is a 5 minute walk and is a part of Wat Pho.

Picture: School Picture: School

Good to know:

  • The entrance fee for Wat Pho is 100 Baht.
  • Opening time: 08:00-17:00

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