10 tips How to safe money while traveling

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HOW TO: Safe money while traveling

Do you also want to see the sun rise early in the morning? Find your true self? And maybe meet other travelers to create life long memories? And are you also just a little short on cash? Than this Travel Log is one to read for you! Traveling on a budget. 10 tips for cheap travels!

1. Use Public transportation

Grabbing a taxi (Uber) may be convenient, but many times public transportation is much cheaper. Also, for longer distances, go for a bus instead of a flight.

2. Be flexible with flights

Many times, if you are a creative person, you can find connecting flights of different airlines combined that can get you to your destination for a lower price. However, it will probably take you longer to get there. Also, book flights in advance. Often, flights around Wednesday are more cheap than around the weekend flights.

3. Choose hotel/hostel wisely

Going for luxury or going for just a bed and a shower? Depending on your budget, you can save a considerable amount by downgrading.

4. Travel light

Weigh your Luggage at home, to avoid paying at the counter for having too much luggage weight.

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5. Choose your destination wisely

Some destinations cost more than the other. Do your research to find out what you need to spend on an avarage per day to survive in the countries you are considering. For instance, Australia is much more expensive than Asia. But also in Asia there are differences. For instance, Singapore is not a cheap country to stay in either.

6. Travel out of season

Around the holiday season, prices sky- rocket! Try to book your plane tickets in the low season to save a buck or two.

7. Come up with a plan

Having a plan saves money. With a plan you can determine what you need to spend on traveling and hotels. With that in mind, you can figure out what your daily budget is and which activities you can book within your budget.

8. Earn while you travel

It is possible! Get a job while traveling. Do some research before you leave whether this is an option for you depending on your destination. That way you can earn some extra cash, and gain some experience abroad. Don’t be picky though! Just go with the flow.

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9. Rent out your home

While your away, your monthly financial burdons for your home continue. Consider renting out your home for the period you plan on leaving. That way you do not have to carry that financial burdon too. And cancel your cable, newspaper etc subscriptions!

10. Don’t eat away your cash

Food is something you can safe money on. I am not saying that you only have to eat unhealthy take-away, but consider not eating out all the time. Buy some fruit and vegetables and just make your own dinner, lunch and breakfast. Also, when you book your hotel, look for deals that include breakfast.

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