A citytrip in Philadelphia, USA

A citytrip in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is the 6th biggest city in the USA in terms of population, with over 1,5 million inhabitants. This Travel Log reviews a few of the main attractions in Philadelphia.

The Rocky steps

With 72 stone steps, the Rocky steps in Philadelphia takes you up to the Philadelphia museum of art. The stairs became famous due to its appearance in the triple Oscar winning movie ‘Rocky’ from 1976. In the movie, Rocky Balboa runs up the stairs with the song: ‘Gonna fly now’. This feeling still speaks to many people. When you reach the top of the stairs, you will see many tourists making pictures in Rocky Balboa poses. The scene stands for the small man rising up. At the moment, there is some renovation work going on, so you cannot get very close to the statue.

Picture: Rocky Steps Picture: Rocky in bronze

Go fly now!

The Philadelphia museum of art

At the top of the Rocky stairs, on the square, you can find the museum of art. It is one of the biggest Art Museums in the United States. The museum opened its doors in 1876. The museum has different expositions every year.

Picture: top of the Rocky Steps Picture: Statue beside the Rocky Steps

When in Philadelphia, the museum is a nice place to visit.

The Eastern State Penitentiary  

The Philadelphian approach in the prison was to isolate the prisoners as much as possible. Prisoners were not allowed to talk to each other or see each other. They needed to be in their cells for 23 hours of the day to repent for what they did. You can easily spend half a day at the prison as there is so much to see! It is advised to come early to beat the groups and have the best light for pictures. When you have finished sightseeing, have something to eat and drink across the street in this lovely old firefighter’s silo. You can’t miss it.

Picture: Rocky Steps Picture: Rocky in bronze

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Independence Hall & The Liberty Bell ? 

The independence historical park is located in the City of Philadelphia. Within the park you can find many independence landmarks. Two of the most famous landmarks are the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

The independence Hall is actually added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1979. On 4 July 1976, the American independence declaration was passed in this building. A big day in American history. In the United States, the 4th of July is currently still celebrated every year.

Across the street of the Independence Hall, you can find the Liberty Bell centre. The Bell represents the war of independence and has become a symbol of freedom. It is said that this bell sounded to announce the publication of the independence declaration in 1976. The Liberty Bell’s crack occurred in the 19th century.

Picture: Independence Hall  Picture: Liberty Bell 

In a nutshell, the Independence Historical Park is a big part of the history of the USA.

The Philadelphia Eagles ? Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles is a professional American Football ? team, and is part of the National Football League since 1933. The Eagles made it two times to the finals of the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles Stadium is called the Lincoln Financial Field and is located a little bit outside Philadelphia centre, in South Philadelphia. If you are an American Football fan, it may be nice to visit or to attend a game if you visit Philadelphia!

Picture: Stadium Picture: Stadium

Gooooo Eagles! ?

Overall feeling Philadelphia 

Philadelphia came across to us as a dark, industrial city. A bit individual and cold. However, as mentioned above, there are many interesting places to be found in the city.

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