Aruba – One Happy Island

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Aruba, one happy island!

Yes! Sun, beach, relax and more relaxing! Did we mention relaxing already? We visited Aruba for 10 days. And explored the island for a bit. The first thing we discovered was that Aruba has crazy beautiful sunsets!

Picture: Aruba sunset Picture: Aruba beach

Pretty nice right?! After that, it got even better. Aruba is a true tropical paradise, where people are just taking it easy. No stress, just sit back and relax! The beaches at Aruba are also truly amazing..

Aruba beach

Our hotel was located right at the main beach of Aruba called: Palm Beach. That is also where we spend most of our time.

Picture: Aruba beach Picture: Aruba beach feeling 

Waking up every morning and watching time go by while sitting on a comfy beach bed under a parasol is a hard life. but somebody has got to do it! But before you get the impression that we just sat ourselves down on a beach and did nothing in the 10 days we spend there, guess again!

Aruba Flamingos!

Typical for Aruba are the flamingos, walking about at Aruba’s white beach.

Picture: Aruba Flamingo beach Picture: Aruba Renaissance resort

You can find the Flamingos only at certain spots, the best known is on the private island of the Renaissance resort on Aruba. This island is only available for guests, complementary water taxi’s bring you to the private beaches on the island. There is one private beach especially for families, which is called ‘Iguana Beach’. The other beach is called ‘Flamingo beach’, which is only accessible for adults. At Flamingo beach you’ll find the beautiful Flamingos, amazing postcard material!

Did you know that they get their pink color through eating shrimp!

The butterfly garden

You have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get to the butterfly garden in time to see new butterflies being (re-)born. We managed to get at the butterfly garden in time to see the little creatures crawl out of their cocoons. Pretty special. As a note – If you thought that Aruba on its own has a tropical climate, the butterfly garden did better on the tropical scale! Hot and moisturized we left after one of the butterflies landed on my arm and decided to stay there for a while.

Snorkeling trip

The next day, we signed up for a day snorkeling trip, departing from the beach pier. The day was amazing. We sailed on a great catamaran and snorkeled at several different spots, including around a sunken ship in front of the Aruba coast.

Picture: Sailing  Picture: Pelican 

In fact, we liked the trip and the crew so much, that we signed up for a second trip! If you want to book a water activity on Palm Beach Aruba, we recommend: “Fun4Every1 Watersports Aruba”.

Baby beach

We rented a car for a day as we heard about this beautiful secluded beach area, away from the city called: “Baby beach”. Off course we just had to check it out! A lovely area. We were the only ones there so we had the beach to ourselves.

Picture: Baby beach Picture: Baby beach

Baby beach is definitely a beach worth visiting when you are at Aruba.

Picture: Baby beach Picture: Baby beach

Obviously, as Aruba is an island, there are many beautiful beaches to be found there. From secludes and quiet to big and crowded, and also from idyllic tropical white sand, turquoise waters beaches to, more rough rocky beaches. On the rougher beaches/shores, you can go surfing.

On the left side of the map are the more tropical Caribbean beaches. The right side of the island is more rough as this side is the side where the sea current clashes onto the island. Baby beach is at the bottom of the island.

Natural Bridge

Up until September 2005, one of the tourist attractions in Aruba was the natural bridge. The natural bridge was the remainder of a cave and consisted out of coral limestone. The bridge was approximately 30 meters long and 7,6 meter high. In September 2005, the natural bridge collapsed. All that remains now are ruins.

Aruba caves

Aruba is rich on several different caves. The three most famous caves are the Fontein cave, the Quadirikiri cave and the Huliba cave. All three caves are located in the Aruban national park: “Arikok”.

Fontein cave

In the ancient days, the Arawak Indians painted drawings on the walls and roof of the cave. These drawings are the reason why the Fontein cave is the most popular cave on Aruba.

Quadirikiri cave

The Quadirikiri cave has two chambers. The two cave chambers are lit up through the holes in the roof of the cave, that allows the sunlight to enter the dark cave. The cave is approximately 100 ft big and houses many bats, as usual in caves.

Huliba cave

Also known as: “the tunnel of love” due to the heart shaped entrance of the cave. There is not a lot of natural light in this cave. The cave is about 300 ft long.

Lourdes cave

We went to a less known cave called: “Lourdes”. Also known as: “Lourdes Grotto”. This is a holy place as a priest placed a 700 kilo weighing virgin Mary, in front of the cave. Nowadays, every year on the 11th of February, a mass is performed at the Lourdes cave. This mass starts with a parade from the nearby town of San Nicolas. A nice place to visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Picture: Lourdes Picture: One happy island 

Aruba – One Happy Island!

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