Feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones at Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Ta Prohm

The Angkor area, situated close to Siem Reap, in the North of Cambodia. The Angkor area is known as an archeological historic site, listed by UNESCO as an UNESCO world heritage site. The Angkor area is famous for its most prominent temple: Angkor Wat. However, there are many more impressive temples in the Angkor area that are worth a visit, like the overgrown temple called: “Ta Prohm”.

For reasons unknown to us, the Angkor area got abandoned in the 14th century. One of the amazing temples of the Angkor district is Ta Prohm. This Travel Log provides an insight on the Ta Prohm temple.

Ta Prohm history

Temple “Ta Prohm”, an interesting ruin in Angkor. Ta Prohm was built late 11th century in dedication to the mother of Jayavarman II. Ta Prohm was originally a Buddhist temple known as: “Monastary of the king” (“Rajavihara”).

Picture: Ta Prohm ruin Picture: Ta Prohm ruin

One of the most distinguishing aspects of Ta Prohm are the Silk cotton trees and Figus trees growing out of, and through the temple. It is an eerie sight at first.

Tomb Raider, Ta Prohm, Hollywood scene

Ta Prohm, with the extraordinary look and feel is obviously the perfect place for an adventure movie.

Ta Prohm, known from the movie:

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider,

starring Angelina Joli (2001).

You may recognize the tree that has its roots tangled up in a temple. This sight became more famous due to the Tomb Raider movie.

Picture: Water in AngkorĀ  Picture: Ta Prohm tree tangle

The trees had the chance to just grow and flourish while the temples were slowly decaying.

Picture: Ta Prohm Picture: Ta Prohm

As Ta Prohm is not being restored, you find yourself in the ultimate Indiana Jones surroundings! Well, that is not entirely true: the jungle that has overgrown Ta Prohm for a large part, has been cut back. Solely the big trees have been left in place for us to admire.

Picture: Ta Prohm tree roots Picture: Ta Prohm tree roots

The temple has many narrow corridors and towers. For safety purposes, it is currently prohibited to enter these corridors. The Cambodians are working on stabilizing the temple. If you visit in the morning, good chance that you will be one of the few on site.

Need to know

  • Bring clothes that can cover your shoulders and knees if necessary.
  • You are required to purchase an Angkor archeological site ticket, varying from USD 37 for a 1 day ticket to USD 72 for a 7 day tickets.
  • your picture will be taken and printed on your personal entree ticket.

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