Flying in a waterplane over the Maldives

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Flying in a waterplane over the Maldives

Flying a waterplane over the Maldives, a dream come true or just a means of transportation? In any way, it is a unique experience! Ascending from the water is a great adventure. Even though there are waves, the departure isn’t really that bumpy. Touchdown however, can be quite bumpy, depending on the waves, the weather conditions and, off course, the pilot. Just like a ‘real’ plane, the flight starts with a flight attendant doing a safety briefing. Seats are not assigned: first come first served. Typically, a water plane carries 15 passengers. Single window seats on the left and two seats on the right of the water plane. Fasten seatbelts and you are ready for take off!

Picture: Waterplane Picture: Atol

Nearby Male airport, the waterplanes are gathered ready for take off. Upon arrival in Male, you can walk to one of the counters of the hotel where you made your reservation. The hotel arranges a bus transport for you to the water plane departure area. It is about a 10 minute drive.

Waterplane or boat?

You do not need to go with a water plane to reach all Maldives resorts. Some resorts are close by Male atol. Therefore, for short distances, the resorts often offer a boat as a means of transportation. Typically, you can not choose according to your preference, it is either the one or the other.

Picture: Atol Picture: Waterplane ramp

Timing of Maldives water plane

Most Maldives resorts use the Trans Maldivian Airways planes (the white/red planes in the picture). Some, more exclusive resorts have their own planes. The timing of the Trans Maldivian Airways flights are typically not fixed. A schedule is made according to arriving and departing persons. Typically, flights depart from Male between 07:00 (AM) and 16:00 (PM) If your in luck, you have a good connection. If not, it is possible that you will have to wait a couple of hours at Male airport. If this is the case, don’t be alarmed, most resorts provide for a lobby with refreshments and WiFi. If you are feeling adventurous, why not do a quick trip through Male city. Every 10 minutes, a ferry leaves Male airport to bring you to Male city for USD 1. If you like, you can even ask for a guide at Male airport. These guides live of off tips, so bear that in mind if you have arranged one.

Picture: Atol Picture: Atol

Water plane Tips

  • Bring earplugs, the waterplanes can be quite noisy. Some resorts offer them to you upon departure, but not all!
  • Bring sea sickness pills if you cannot handle waves very well. Sometimes a seaplane makes a stop to pick up people from another resort. The waves can cause your stomach to turn around!
  • Bring a camera! The views from the waterplane is just stunning!
Picture: Waterplane Picture: Atol

Prices Maldives waterplane

Price depends on the distance between Male and the Atol of your destination. Typically the price is around USD 350 for a round trip.

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