Lion safari Johannesburg, South Africa

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Big 5 of Africa safari

Ever dreamed of going on a safari? South Africa is the place to do it. “Close” to Johannesburg, just North-East of Pretoria, you find a tour center, offering horse back riding tours and lion tours. You can also do a combination of the two in one day if you are limited in time. If you want to have an adventure for several days, that is also possible. The center is family runned and they also provide accommodation in the middle of nature itself. A trip to remember.

Horse back safari

Beginner or experienced rider, it doesn’t matter. This tour is suitable for everyone. The groups are small so you can do things at your own pace. The tour includes two experienced guides to guard the safety rules and to show you amazing places and animals. You feel one with nature and you experience raw nature. Also, if you are an experienced rider, you will not have to wait for beginners (unless you want to).

Picture: Zebra Picture: Buffalo

On the trip, prepare to meet the Big 5 of Africa!

  • African elephant;
  • Black rhinoceros;
  • Cape buffalo;
  • African lion; and
  • African leopard.

and all other kinds of wildlife!

Picture: Monkeys  Picture: Meerkat

The total time of the tour is 4 hours from start to end. The advantage of riding a horse through nature instead of in a car is that we understand that the other animals see you as an animal. You will likely see a lot more and come closer to the animals. We had the opportunity to come very close to a wild giraffe!

Meeting up with lions

King of the jungle! One of the activities that cannot be missed is feeding the baby lions and going on a walk with them.

Picture: Lions Picture: Lions

The afternoon tour is very relaxed, and you have the opportunity to go on a walk with the adolescent lions. They are playful and are learning how to hunt and behave in the wild.

Picture: Lion baby Picture: Lion baby

The lions are free to socialize or mind their own business. What we experienced is that they will come up to you for a cuddle. The small cups will play around you and you can feed them on your lap.

Picture: Lions Picture: Lions

Although this sounds like a true adventure, always be careful as you are in the wild, and animals are still wild animals. We found this an unforgettable experience.

Where to book

We booked the tours with Colin’s horseback riding Africa. Sounds good? Check out their website now for prices and dates! They are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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