Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia

Tegenungan Waterfall

You can find the Tegenungan waterfall in Indonesia. When visiting Ubud, Bali, the Tegenungan waterfall is great to go to for a day-trip. It is about 10 kilometer from Ubud. You can easily get there is you rent a scooter (or a driver). Note that if you are not physically fit, you may want to re-think going there. You will have to descend many steps to get to the waterfall (and also have to climb up again). In the heat of the day, this is quite a challenge for many visitors. We were happy that we brought water and a fan getting back up!

Picture: Waterfall  Picture: Waterfall 

The waterfall is beautiful, however, this is a known fact for many tourists. This means that the area around the waterfall is crowded with tourists during the day. If you come early, you will have the chance to catch the waterfall without many people roaming around. It starts to get busy each day around 7 am.

Picture: View Picture: View

You can swim at the foot of the waterfall too. However, do not expect clear water. The water is generally muddy, especially when it has been raining the night before. You can also walk up to the top of the waterfall if you are feeling up to it.

Picture: View Picture: Signs

At the entrance, you will likely be offered guide services. In our experience, that is not necessary. You can easily find your way yourself. On the stairs down, you will encounter a few viewing points. Great places to take a picture. You do not need hiking shoes for the ‘climb’. Flip flops are fine. However, if you want to climb up the steeper side on the other side of the waterfall, it may be good to have good shoes.

Picture: Shower Picture: Locals

When you arrive to the bottom of the stairs, there are changing rooms and showers. Free to use for every visitor. Also you find some tourist places to make pictures.

Picture: River Picture: River

All in all an impressive force of nature.

Entrance price

If you like to visit the Tegenengan waterfall, you will have to buy a ticket at a wooden ticket-booth close to the parking lot. You can’t miss it. The price is IND 15,000 per person. Note that if you need to park a car, the price is IND 5,000. It is free for motorcycles.

Picture: View Picture: Waterfall 

A tip, as almost everywhere in Bali, if you want to buy something at one of the many stores at the Tegenengan waterfall, negotiate the price down. This also goes for drinks. The locals are asking very high prices.

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