The 2 most famous movie-stairs worldwide

The 2 most famous movie stairs ? 

A fun list of stairs that have become famous in several movies!

1. The ‘Spanish steps’, Rome, Italy

The Spanish steps (In Italian: Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti) are 135 steps high. At the base you find the Piazza di Spagna and at the top you find a church: Trinita dei Monti. The church is typically free to enter, and several times a day there are prayer sessions. The steps are so famous that they are being used in movies as well like: ‘The talented Mr. Ripley’ starring Matt Damon (1999).

Picture: The Spanish steps, Italy ??

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2. The ‘Rocky steps’, Philadelphia, USA

With 72 stone steps, the Rocky steps in Philadelphia takes you up to the Philadelphia museum of art. The stairs became famous due to its appearance in the triple Oscar winning movie ‘Rocky’ from 1976. In the movie, Rocky Balboa runs up the stairs with the song: ‘Gonna fly now’. The scene stands for the small man rising up.

Picture: The Rocky steps, USA ??

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