Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum, Rome!

One of the 7 new world wonders! Roaming around the premises, admiring the architecture, you deem yourself to have travelled back in time.

The colosseum is an oval Amphitheater. The structure is built with concrete and stone.

Picture: Colosseum Rome Picture: Colosseum Rome

In its glory days, the Colosseum had sufficient space for up to 80,000 people. Many entertainment events were held at the premises. Gladiators fighting bulls is one of the most famous spectacles held in the Colosseum.

Picture: Colosseum inside Picture: Colosseum surrounding

Unfortunately, currently, the Colosseum is not in the perfect state anymore that it once was. A ruin is left at the moment which is currently being well looked after, maintained and restored. The Colosseum is now ‘just’ a ruin as the structure suffered from earthquakes and many stone-robbers took some Colosseum parts. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing site to visit.

Picture: Arch Colosseum  Picture: Entrance Colosseum

Practical Tips

  • The site is subsidized by the European Union. Consequently, persons younger than 18 and persons over 65 can enter the site for free.

How to get there

From the city center you can take a bus or taxi.

Alternatively, take the hop on hop off bis for a day.

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