Washington D.C. Citytrip

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Washington D.C.

Travel through the capitol of the USA: Washington D.C.! Not to be confused with the State Washington, which is located on the far west side of the USA, right on the other side of the country. D.C. stands for District of Columbia, a standalone federal state that does not form part of any other state and houses the US capitol Washington. The highlights of the district are mentioned below. We note that most sightseeing highlights are situated on or near the ‘National Mall’, the green park in the middle of the city.

Picture: The National Mall

The White House

Will the president be home? The White House is located in Washington D.C. You can get reasonably close to the White House when you want to take a look at this charismatic building.

Picture: the White House

Obviously, the building is continuously surrounded by fences and guards. At night time, the white house is lit up by spotlights, which creates a magical sight.

The Washington Monument 

Built as a monument for George Washington, the first president of the US, who ruled between 1789 – 1797.

Picture: the Washington Monument

The monument is 169 meter high and built with marble, granite and sandstone. The monument is typically open for customers. You can take an elevator all the way to the top and look out the (relatively small) windows. Before buying any tickets on tour websites, it is advised to check the official monument website, as the attraction may be closed due to elevator maintenance.

The Washington Museum’s

There are a lot of museum’s to be found in Washington D.C. As the list of museums is so broad, we have not summed them all up. However, if you like to see what your options are, click here. Depending on the time you have in the city, you can make a choice which museum interests you the most.

Picture: Entrance of the NASA museum

The Pentagon

The Pentagon houses the ministry of Defense. An impressive shaped building. The Pentagon is located outside the city center. A memorial site has been set up  next to the building to remember the victims of the 09-11-2001 plane hit on the Pentagon. The building subject to a lot of security, therefore, taking pictures is sometimes not possible.

The Capitol

The Capitol is situated at the National Mall as well. The building houses the legislators and the US senate.

Picture: The Capitol

Insider secret venue shared

Nearby the White House is a really great bar that offers a panoramic view over the White House, the Capitol, the Washington monument and the fields. The name of this bar is: “the POV Rooftop bar”, situated in Hotel W Washington D.C. A great place to have a drink when the evening falls. The (business) locals often go there for drinks after work. So dressing up is appropriate. For the website of this bar, click here.

How to move about

Taxi’s are relatively expensive, so unless money is no issue to you, taxi’s are not advised for a whole day tour. However, if you would like to go the distance and have little time, take a taxi, or Uber if you have the app installed.

When you are at the National Mall, yes, the place is long stretched, but you can go for a stroll by foot. When you are time-efficient, you can go see all buildings within a couple of hours, however, note that when you go in a museum, they, as everything is in the US, are usually big, and you can easily spend a couple of hours at each site.

Alternatively, DC also has several hop on hop of busses. Try the D.C. Trails tour, quite entertaining.